Guns N' Roses Airball Drain Barrier

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I have been enjoying the Jersey Jack Pinball Guns n Roses new to our peaceful mountain enclave immensely. It may seem strange, but amongst all the rock n roll mayhem are songs extolling concepts like Love, Paradise, and Patience that resonate especially strongly with me as I seek to perfect this mortal form.

However. I must shamefully admit that I have far too often felt quick bursts of rage as the silverball revealed a seemingly secret power of Qinggong, levitating over the plastic at high speed on the left side and landing in the left outlane, robbing me of a chance to even try to save the ball and keep it in play. No matter how I tried to shift and nudge the machine to my will, I found I could not save the ball when this power manifested.

And so, while meditating on my failure to tame the rage this event stirred within me, another student of The Way quietly had noticed my struggle and kindly suggested that perhaps a clear barrier would solve the issue without obscuring the beauty of the game art or light show I had come to love.

Realizing the genius of this suggestion, I quickly excused myself and set about testing various barriers of varying thicknesses until I settled on a 3mm polycarbonate solution to block the ball from its flight path when airborne. Very quickly I discovered that this did indeed solve the issue and I could return to simply enjoying the game and becoming a better player, having eliminated that source of cheap drains and infinite rage.

If you are suffering rage and anger at your ball flying through the air like it’s auditioning for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and heading straight out the left outlane, this barrier will solve the issue for you, as well, allowing for a return to pondering the concepts of Love, Paradise, and Patience to make this world a better place.


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