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Guns N' Roses

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A playable concert under glass. Hype the crowd up before the show, then start and complete as many GNR songs as possible.

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Guns N' Roses is a pinball machine manufactured by Jersey Jack Pinball in 2020. Design by Eric Meunier, Slash. Mechanics by Wally Welch, Dan Molter, Peter Dorn, James Piekarz. Art by Mark Molitor, Dayne Henry Jr. Code by Keith P. Johnson, Bill Grupp, Ted Estes, Duncan Brown, Joe Katz, JT Harkey. Sound by Vikas Deo. Music by Slash, Vikas Deo. Callouts by Duff McKagan, Melissa Reese. Animation by Jean-Paul de Win, Mark Molitor.
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Jersey Jack Pinball
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Solid State
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