Guns N' Roses Custom Illuminated Coin Door Shadow Box Mod

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The stage is set.  It's Guns n Fricken Roses, go Big or go home!  We knew we would have to raise the bar mighty high to be worthy of the front of this amazing game.  Introducing our full detail 3D Guns n Roses Illuminated coin door shadow box Mod.  We really wanted to push some new challenges and detail with this game for a full 3D effect top to bottom front to back.  Starting with our custom laser etched rose/ivy/skulls acrylic lense truly gives a new depth to detail when lit or not.  Resin cast high precision pieces each individually Hand painted, airbrushed, and clear-coated unique down to the airbrushed Gibson guitar.  .45 cal logo hand painted bullets and each 3D piano Custom made to order based on game model and number!  Available for SE, LE, and CE.  Plug and play installation with instructions included.  Each customer will need to provide their personal game number after order or we will reach out.  The band is ready, order now!


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