James Bond 007 DB5 “Interactive” Shifter Shooter Rod

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Listen up 007 this is a first in Pinball, so pay attention!

This is your new interactive DB5 shifter shooter rod, it features a flip up cap with a functioning button underneath, this is fully interactive using a bluetooth transmitter and receiver, as such you can start games, “eject” balls into play and use your action button perks when available.

It is fully compatible with all trim levels, so you can fit this to a Pro, Premium, LE and even the 60th Anniversary. One last thing 007 the install only takes 15-20minutes.


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Best theme integrated mod ever!


I just received my shooter last week, luckily squeezed in on one of Jon’s final runs.  No idea what it is made from but it is beautifully done with a flawless finish which feels like a real shifter in hand, not your ordinary 3D printed rubbish that’s for sure.  How the mod works is where it truly shines, super easy install and having the button under the flip up cap actually function is brilliant, you feel like Bond the moment you walk up to your pin, start your game and “eject” your ball into play.

January 22, 2024

The best Pinball Mod for a Hardcore James Bond fan!


When Jon announces this crazy but yet fantastic idea, no one will know that it will become one of the most unique, creative and Wonderful mods ever created for this amazing hobby, specially for a James Bond fan myself. Not only is it well crafted, with every single detail well explained and elaborated, it is super easy to install and easily the "wow" pinball moment of the year when you press that button and eject that ball to your game. Fits not only perfectly with the theme, but feels like it always belongs there and should have been part of the game from the factory. The quality, hand painted and every mechanic involved makes this a must for any James Bond collector. Super proud of what Jon accomplished here, giving us a creation worth the wait and an achievement super excited that makes you feel you are 007!

December 22, 2023
Nuno Gomes

Amazing theme integration!


I decided to take a risk on this mod, a wireless/interactive shooter rod, had not been done before to my knowledge so I was a little skeptical.  Once it arrived I was blown away by the production and finish of the item and it always gets a cool response from guests when they ask if the button works or does anything and they find out it does.  I have brought a lot of mods over the years but this one has the best theme integration out of them all.

December 19, 2023

James Bond Shifter Shooter Rod


The interactive shifter shooter rods takes the James Bond pinball to the next level.  Sean Connery would be honored that I installed this mod on his machine.  The inventor earns A+ for giving us a unique way of enhancing our game.   Thank you for taking the time to create this innovation.

December 11, 2023

The Perfect Mod


I know this is high praise, but this is the PERFECT mod. This mod fits the theme better than any mod I’ve ever seen. For a James Bond theme, it has to be a gadget, it has to be cutting edge technology, and it has to be cool. This mod fits all of those categories and is the best mod I’ve ever purchased.

December 4, 2023
Down South Pinball