James Bond 007 Scuba Kick Mod

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This mod replaces existing left underwater eject which produces random, undesirable effects incl:

- Continuous rebounds back into the same eject

- Unfair SDTM bounces

- Added playfield wear

- Randomly earns progress in the game, taking control away from the player.

The Scuba Kick Mod solves all of these problems while cleanly and consistently returning the ball to the left flipper via a dynamic upkick wireform that travels through a 180 degree turn, that drops onto the existing left wireform return. The Scuba Kick balances the return paths to the flippers.


Left Underwater Eject Replacement Mod - Fully Reversable

Chromed 3mm Steel Wireform

Etched 2mm Plate - Gun Barrel Design

Custom VUK

Mimics the existing wireform out of the DB5


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