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Q: During the Vapor Trails tour, and later on the 30th Anniversary Tour, Geddy had a number of dryers on stage. Three for the VT tour, and two dryers plus a vending machine for the R30 tour. So what gives?

A: Geddy uses direct boxes instead of Bass amplifiers now... so instead of having an empty space behind him he added the dryers to keep it all linear. This started with the Vapor Trails tour. The snack vending machine is new for R30 and he changes the items for each show. I think that is for his own amusement and a testament to the band's sense of humor. The dryers also contain t-shirts, (which you can see tumbling in the dryers), which are thrown out into the audience towards the end of the show. They are special "souvenir t-shirts" which have RUSH logos on the front, and usually say something like, (and I'm paraphrasing, so forgive me ; "I got this t-shirt from dryer #1 on the Vapor Trails tour"). BTW, the dryers are operated with Canadian quarters only, and periodically throughout the show, you may have noticed technicians, roadies, celebrities, or fabulous babes coming out to add more quarters to keep the dryers running.

Also, according to Rush's official website, the band just likes that "Clean clean sound. That dry, yet warm sound."

This mod for RUSH can be used in all 3 versions of the game and can be placed in multiple locations of your liking. The mod ties in to the right upper flasher/spinner. This mod is a direct plug and play with super easy installation that is done in less then 5 minutes.


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