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Rush's music accompanies this trip across many different scenarios throughout time and space.

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Rush is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2022. Design by John Borg. Mechanics by Elliot Eismin. Art by Michael Barnard. Code by Tim Sexton, Raymond Davidson. Sound by Bob Baffy. Callouts by Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Ed Robertson. Animation by Chuck Ernst, Paul Chamnankit.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Rush Rules

Rush Pinball – Quick Rules (3M’s and Extra Ball)

Learn the quick rules to Rush Pinball by Stern. Get an idea of the 3M’s (Modes, Multiballs, and Multipliers) as well as how to get extra balls.


Planet Modes

  • Shoot 2 lit record shots until red light is flashing on Time Machine
  • Hit the Time Machine to start the mode
  • Hit all of the flashing shots lit as the color of the mode to finish it

The mode you play is determined by the color of the records you collected the most of. There is a mode progress bar in the top left of the display screen.


Time Machine Multiballs have 3 different multiball options all started the same way

  • Hit the Time Machine target 3 times when green lamp is on
  • On Premium/LE the ramp will raise
  • Hit the Time Machine to start the multiball

Each of the 3 multiballs; Red Barchetta, Subdivisions, and Fly By Night all have different rules with jackpots and super jackpots.

Far Cry Multiball is a 2 ball multiball.

  • Hit both targets on the sides of the right ramp
  • This lights the side scoop for lock
  • After locking a ball in the scoop, hit a either scoop to start the multiball
  • Jackpot shots are lit by different colors indicating the jackpot multiplier values
  • Collect enough jackpots to light Time Machine for super jackpot

After the first Far Cry multiball, lighting locks also requires hitting the right ramp.

Freewill Multiball is a 2 ball multiball.

  • Hit instrument drops to lock in the lit instrument
  • Knock down the remaining drops to collect the lit instrument
  • Collect all three instruments to light the Freewill lane
  • Hit the Freewill lane to start multiball
  • All shots are lit for jackpots
  • Hitting a jackpot shot makes it a super jackpot shot

After the first Freewill multiball, lighting locks requires more completions of the instruments.


Shot multipliers are lit by hitting rainbow shots after a mode is either qualified or finished and will last the remainder of the ball. More shot multipliers can be lit by hitting the same record color shots as the qualified mode before starting the mode. These only last while playing the mode.

Extra Balls:

Light an extra ball at either the side scoop or under flipper shot:

  • Shoot enough ramps
  • Collect 5 albums
  • Mystery award

How to Play Rush

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  • Collect 100 years by accomplishing gameplay objectives, play all 6 multiball modes, and complete all 6 song modes, for a chance to play through 2112.
  • To light song modes, collect the flashing records around the playfield and shoot the time machine to start the flashing mode, determined by what color record the player has the most of. Collect more records before starting the song mode to increase its value. Completing song modes allows a 2x shot multiplier to be placed on any record shot.
  • Complete sets of 1-2-3 inserts to light the combo jackpot at the time machine. Each unique 1-2-3 combo awards an album – if the player has the album matching a currently running multiball or song mode, they can hold the button and either collect all shots or add-a-ball.
  • Shoot the time machine enough times to light it for multiball. Each time machine multiball starts as a 2-ball but can become a 3-ball after collecting enough years. Prioritize the add-a-ball at the scoop. Change the lit multiball by shooting the dead-end lane before starting it.
  • Shoot the green targets flanking the right ramp, then shoot the right ramp when flashing to light lock at the lower and upper scoops. Lock 2 balls there for Far Cry multiball. 
  • “One Little Victory” laps await players who can complete the multiball by scoring 15 jackpots, then scoring the super jackpot at the end.
  • Complete the drop targets to collect instruments, then shoot the standup target behind them to “activate” them for unique perks. The flashing instrument locks in on the first drop target hit. Collect all three instruments and shoot the standup target again for Freewill multiball.
  • Collecting bumper hits advances the drum clock – each bumper can be lit to advance more time by collecting sets of drumsticks at the drop targets or shooting the right orbit. The lucrative Headlong Flight multiball awaits players who reach 12 am on the clock and can be started during any other multiball mode.
  • Complete the RUSH standup targets to light the right ramp for Bastille Day hurry-up. During the hurry-up, complete the RUSH standup targets again for increasing values or repeatedly shoot the right ramp to increase them further.

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