The Munsters Electric Chair Grandpa Custom Illuminated Mod

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Bring Grandpa Munster to LIFE with the Mod couple "Electric Chair Grandpa" custom illuminated Mod!  Extremely sculpted and detailed literally from head to toe. Each mod is hand painted to meticulous detail.  Know when to shoot for Grandpas laboratory when the electrodes on his chair (tied to the Grandpa scoop) light up his chair!  No detail was overlooked from his electrode helmet to his naughty Playghoul book on his armrest.  Fitting and color neutral pattern to fit well with ALL Munsters models.  Very simple plug and play installation with color illustrated instructions.  This was honestly one of our Biggest mod challenges but we feel Very proud of the final result.  We hope everyone loves him as much as we did creating him in honor of this wonderful title.


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