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The Munsters

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Visit one of the strangest families you'll ever meet at the Munsters' estate on 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Designed from the ground up with novice-friendly rules.

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The Munsters is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2019. Design by John Borg. Mechanics by Elliot Eismin. Art by Christopher Franchi. Code by Dwight Sullivan, Waison Cheng, Rick Naegele. Sound by Jerry Thompson. Animation by Zac Stark.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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The Munsters Rules

How to Play The Munsters

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  • There are five different areas to complete: Herman, Raven, Lily, Spot, and Grandpa.
    • Shoot Herman to start a hurry-up mode – lock the ball there, and then shoot it with another ball, to start Herman Multiball.
    • After starting any mode or collecting the lit Kitty target, the left ramp lights to advance Raven. Collect three advances at the left ramp for the lucrative Raven Multiball.
    • Complete LILY at her target on the right side of the playfield for a frenzy mode.
    • Spell SPOT by alternating shots to the left and right ramps to begin Spot’s mode. Shoot Spot under the left ramp, or combo into him for higher values.
    • Collect chattering teeth at the purple targets to enable the zap button and light Grandpa’s mode at the scoop and award other goodies, including lighting the extra ball.
    • Play all five modes to start Munster Madness – make shots to Herman, the left ramp, and the Lily target to light a massive hurry-up at the scoop. Afterwards, the modes will get tougher, but more valuable for the second go-round!
  • There are many different super jackpots to light at the Dragula lane – some for making enough progress in the above modes and others awarded from the side features described below. Stack multiple super jackpots for bigger points! Hold the action button during the super jackpot animation to cancel it out.
  • Shoot the Dragula lane for random awards, including boosting some of the modes. If the DRAGULA target is completed before shooting the lane, the next lane shot will score 5x, but must be collected quickly.
  • After starting any mode, shoot the blue Kitty target near the bumpers to light Raven advances and increase the playfield multiplier. The maximum playfield multiplier available is 6x, and can be obtained by shooting the lit Kitty target three times while playfield X is running.
  • After hitting any purple target, press the zap button to advance the zap meter. Once full, zap jackpots will be scored at all mode and multiball shots alongside their normal jackpots.

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