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Charlie’s Angels

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Charlie’s Angels is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1978. Design by Allen Edwall. Art by Gordon Morison.
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D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Solid State
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Charlie’s Angels Rules

Quickie Version:

Complete the red drop target 5-bank, then hit lit targets or repeat the five-bank to get your bonus multiplier up to 5X. Now go UTAD if your base bonus is not over 11K; once it is, collect bonus at the bullseye target.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:


Full Rules:

Base bonus is advanced by all lanes, targets and lit star rollovers and goes up to 19K. Completing the red five-bank of drop targets at the top left or getting all four C-H-I-C lanes advances your bonus multiplier to 2X. Once you get to 2X, an additional way to increase your multiplier is added: hitting the bullseye target above the right slingshot. Once at 3X, you can this extra chance shifts to the left-most red drop target to go to 4X. At 4X, it moves to the top white drop target to get to 5X. Maximum overall bonus is 95K total. Once base bonus is at least 11K, you can collect it by hitting the bullseye standup target. Base bonus resets once bonus is collected, but your multiplier is preserved. Base bonus, bonus multiplier and C-H-I-C letters all reset every ball. Strategy: from the left flipper, go up top via the right arc to get CHIC. From the right flipper, complete the red drop targets. Once at 2X, use the progression above to get your bonus multiplier up to 5X. Odds are that by the time you get 5X lit, your base bonus will be between 11K and 19K, so it’ll be time to collect it and resume building it back up. Rebuild it with red drops and right arcs. Playfield notes. First, there’s a useless “dead zone” left of left of the red drop targets; balls shot behind the target bank do nothing. Second, there are two different returns lane designs used: the standard inlane/outlane split on the left side, but a 45-degree bounce-return lane on the right side. It is possible to give yourself an inlane-outlane drain on the right if a ball is coming fast towards the right flipper and you hold the flipper up to try to cradle it. Third, the rubber above the white drop targets on the right sticks out a bit below the bottom star rollover, so balls descending the right arc will kick off it out across the playfield.

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