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Combat is a pinball machine manufactured by Zaccaria in 1977. Art by Lorenzo Rimondini.
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Combat Rules

Quickie Version:

Shoot bomb drop targets on upper right and try to nudge bumper rebounds into the right chute. Shoot the spinner to raise the saucer value, then shoot saucer at upper left.

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Full Rules:

Trust Zaccaria to make a game with a non-traditional rule set. This game is weighted towards two shots, the chute at the top right and the saucer at the top left. The chute is key because it multiplies your bonus by 10. No shoot, meager bonus of 10K or less; have chute, bonus is now minimum 10K up to 100K. For the saucer, the spinner raises its value up to 50K. When you score either the saucer or the chute, the ball is ejected into the bumpers and both the bumpers and the spinner score 1K instead of 100 per hit or spin for the next ten seconds. The Bombs drop targets aren’t worth much the first time through but are ten times value the second time. The main reason to shoot them is two-fold: first, there’s no direct shot for the right side chute; your best chance is a double-or-more-bank shot from the left flipper to the bombs targets to a bumper and into the chute. Second, since it will probably take several shots to succeed, by then you may have completed the bombs targets, at which stage they’re actually worth shooting for points, 10K each then. Unless your TD is cruel, the mini posts should be tucked into the machine’s lower corners below each side outlane. Balls hitting these posts can rebound back into the return lanes for continued play. Carefully observe how balls bounce off the posts to see what the optimal parameters are for these recoveries and when possible, nudge (or not) your outlane drains to get the ball back. The seven rollover tabs at the top advance bonus and score 5K each. About all you need to do regarding them is nudge a bit to get rebounds off the top rubbers to hit as many as possible before the ball falls out of the area. One rare trick is that a ball leaving the top on the right side, if it falls just right, can hit the lower bumper and be kicked into the right chute. Watch any ball rolling down the top right carefully and if you get such a lucky rebound, try to remember exactly how that ball rolled so you can get it again on a later ball. Special can award a bonus ball which may be turned on as an extra ball equivalent.

via Bob's Guide

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