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Memory Lane

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Memory Lane is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1978. Design by Mike Kubin, Sam Stern. Art by Christian Marche.
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Stern Electronics
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Solid State
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Memory Lane Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD via the spinners.

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Full Rules:

Like many early Sterns, this is a spinners game. Not only do they generate spinner points, they also can get you your bonus multipliers and top saucer points. The spinners are lit by the return lanes, but each lane lights the one on the same side of the machine, not the opposite side as is more common on Bally and Gottlieb games. You need to transfer the ball across to shoot the lit spinner. Bonus can be large. The ten bowling pin formation rollover buttons each score a pin; get all ten for a strike. Stay alert when the ball is rolling over the buttons; they deflect the ball and you may need a last second nudge to avoid draining. Bonus is 1000 per pin and 10K per strike, up to 80K (7 strikes and 10 pins) total. Bonus is doubled by making the top left saucer; after you make that, the top center saucer lights for triple bonus. Strikes and pins carry over; multipliers reset. Each saucer is worth 5K. Shots through the left spinner often zip right through the saucer to the top, so it may take several tries to get double bonus. Not a problem, you want to shoot the spinner anyway. Balls up top often fail to go in the center saucer, too; don’t sweat it. The center drop target bank alternates lit or not on slingshot hits. When you hit a target, the bank stays on or off until you complete it or the ball ends. If you complete it when lit, you score 3K and a strike; unlit, all you get is the 500 points for each target. Since the spinners are important, try to shatz the return lanes to light them both early on. The curved lane wires make this not too difficult; just watch out for up-and-out drains.

via Bob's Guide

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