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Pink Panther

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Pink Panther is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1981. Design by John Buras. Art by Gerry Simkus. Code by John Buras.
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D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Solid State
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Pink Panther Rules

Quickie Version:

Complete the left and center drop target banks to light locks under the sides of the playfield. Lock two balls, then play 3-ball multiball. During multiball, UTAD; hitting the left 4-bank is okay, too.

Go-to Flipper:

Bias Right, for shooting the drop targets

Risk Index:


Full Rules:

To get to multiball, first complete the drop target banks. The left drop target 4-bank lights the “secret passage” saucer hidden under the left side of the machine; entry is both above and below the targets. The center target 3-bank lights the “hidden staircase” saucer under the right side; entry is above the visible extra ball saucer. When both balls are locked and you plunge the third ball, multiball begins. Bonus is usually not significant unless you play multiball. Base bonus is earned from standup targets when the diamond below them is lit (by a top lane) and by the standup targets and left drop targets during multiball; it goes up to 29K. Bonus multiplier is raised when any individual spot target is hit three times and goes up to 5X for 145K total. Bonus can be collected during a ball by hitting a spot target a fourth time. In action, it’s rare to get to maximum bonus or maximum multiplier without playing multiball. Pink Panther can play slow, in part due to not having active slingshots next to the flippers. The ball sometimes seems to float around the playfield unless the flippers and bumpers are strong. Locks can’t be stolen but can be removed. If you lock a ball, other players must lock the opposite ball, which then releases yours. If they can then lock that ball, they play multiball. They still have to earn two locks on their own, but if they play multiball, your lock is lost.

via Bob's Guide

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