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Rock is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1985. Design by John Trudeau. Art by Larry Day. Code by John Buras. Sound by Ken Hale. Music by David Thiel, Ken Hale.
Primary manufacturer:
D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Other manufacturer:
Joctronic S.A.
Game type:
Solid State
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Rock Rules

Quickie Version:

Lit spinners all day.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

Medium, except the center targets Very High

Full Rules:

Most players attack this game by going all spinners, although double scoring, bonus and extra balls all help, too. The lit spinner is worth 10K per spin, and one is always lit; the slingshots change the lit spinner. For bonus, you get two advances for hitting the lit target among the center 5-bank (light cycles on a timer) and one advance for any of the four return lanes if lit. The return lanes go out when collected and can only be turned back on by hitting the “reset letters” bullseye standup target to the right of the 5-bank. Bonus is 10K per letter and goes up to 150K. If you complete all 15 letters during a ball in play, it awards your bonus immediately and resets the letters. Bonus multiplier is advanced by completing the top right three A-B-C lanes and goes up to 5X for 750K total. Letters and multiplier are saved from ball to ball. If you shoot the loop-around shot just right of the center of the playfield, you get a brief period of double playfield scoring. This is most useful if the right spinner is lit, since the return from the loop-around will usually go through the two left return lanes to feed the left flipper, giving you a shot at the right spinner for 20K a spin. Extra balls, normally off in competition, score 500K. Finishing your letters will light it. The upper 1-2-3-4 playfield is primarily for winning replays; it awards more points for each level completed, but not enough to compete with the spinner. When the ball is in there, shoot it anyway just because it’s safe points. Get the numbers in order to advance to the next level; the one you need next will flash. Each set of four moves you on to the next level. Key feed: balls exiting the upper playfield; they might not fall smoothly to the left flipper, instead bouncing off the top of the divider below the exit of the spinner.

via Bob's Guide

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