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Seawitch is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Electronics in 1980. Design by Mike Kubin. Art by Bob Timm. Code by Bill Pfutzenreuter.
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Stern Electronics
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Solid State
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Seawitch Rules

Quickie Version:

Shoot center target bank for 2X, left bank for 3X, top bank 4X, center 5X, left 6X, top 7X, then do orbits and more drops all day.

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Full Rules:

Long version is pretty much the same. Your bonus maxes at 7X and 39K base or 273K total. That’s worth going for, of course, but you’ll find the top qualifying scores arise not from 3 balls of maximum bonus but from one ball where someone maxed it and kept going for orbit after orbit and bank after bank. The target banks, once completed, either advance your loop [orbit] value or score your bonus value (unmultiplied) for additional completions. Think of it as a mini-collect bonus during the ball. You can get 2M on one ball just by keeping the ball in play and doing orbits and targets long enough. The four upper star standup targets each increase the spinner value by 200; get them all to make the spinner 1K per spin, plus whatever loop value you have. Completing all three drop target banks on the same ball lights double value on loop shots. Loop value starts at 1K, rises 1K per target bank to 10K, so that’s 20K when the doubler is active. Loops are collected by going over the top star rollover button. Bonus multiplier is carried over from ball to ball unless you’re at 7X; at 7X, it resets to 1X to start the next ball. One key is learning which targets not to hit from which flipper, e.g. watch out for hitting the center drops from the upper left flipper at certain speeds, which can drain down the center. Plunging involves a 3-way choice: full plunge to the upper left flipper, hold it up to have the ball deflect into the center target bank; full plunge, but flip when the ball gets to that flipper; or soft plunge to feed the upper right flipper and try to sweep the center target bank from that.

via Bob's Guide

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