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Tag-Team Pinball

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Tag-Team Pinball is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1985. Design by John Trudeau. Art by Larry Day. Code by John Buras. Sound by Craig Beierwaltes.
Primary manufacturer:
D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Other manufacturer:
NSM Lions (Lowen)
Game type:
Solid State
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Tag-Team Pinball Rules

Quickie Version:

Complete TAG and TEAM targets to lock balls, play multiball. During multiball, UTAD, through the lit spinner when possible.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

High overall, be varies a lot by shot; shots to the upper left saucer, the right spinner and the gap next to the T in T-A-G are safest

Full Rules:

This game is often underrated; it’s a lot of fun to play with an unusual playfield layout and a nice set of rules. Complete the T-A-G drop targets in left to right order to light the upper left lock. Complete the lower right T-E-A-M drop targets in order to light the lower right lock. Watch out for the rebounds off the TEAM targets. Once both balls are locked, shoot the “Release” horseshoe on the left to start multiball. Multiball scores 3X playfield. Now, go up top. The left return lane lights the spinner for 10K; that makes a lit spinner 30K during multiball, half a million on a good rip. With the right flipper, shoot for the top left lock saucer and then when the ball kicks out of that, shoot for the gate to the top lanes to advance your bonus multiplier and work towards a special. One nice feature of Tag Team is that a locked ball serves as a potential ball save! If you drain out the lit left “last chance” outlane with one ball locked, the locked ball is released and play continues. Bonus goes up to 29K, not 39K. Every Tag Team I’ve played or watched online has a bug in the bonus value lights. When you go from 19K to 20K in bonus, the 10K light stays on. No, you haven’t got 30K. While the 1K-9K lights will still go on to indicate progress from 20K to 29K and are additive to the 20K, the 10K is not additive. Bonus multiplier goes up to 5X, increased by completing the top three lanes. Once base bonus reaches 20K, one of the lock saucers or the release will light to collect bonus (with multiplier). Only one is lit at any time, cycling between these three shots on slingshot hits. After a bonus collect, the base resets but the multiplier remains. This game has the lane light indicators reversed from normal: you need to have the ball go through the lit lane to unlight it! Extra balls and specials should be off and award 500K instead; that makes them very worth getting! You can get the special in the lit top lane from any of the three flippers: from the lower left via either the spinner, the upper left by shooting through the gate right of the “G” target, and the lower right by shooting the gap left of the “T” in TAG. There’s also a special standup target above the upper flipper. For the Extra Ball, it’s that shot left of the “T”, lit by making multiple timed shots through it immediately after the ball goes through the right return lane (there is no right outlane). While the TAG targets are best shot with the upper flipper, you’ll find that it’s easy to get them from the bottom right flipper via bank shots off the bullseye standup target. You can sometimes backhand TAG letters from the lower left flipper. You can backhand the top lock from the upper flipper.

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