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Torch is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1980. Design by John Buras. Art by Gordon Morison. Code by John Buras.
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D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Solid State
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Torch Rules

Quickie Version:

Roto target from the right flipper, upper gate to the top from the left until you complete the tic-tac-toe grid, then drop targets.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

Very High


One of the top lanes on the left side, somewhat hidden behind the circular rubber disk behind the roto target assembly. Shots to the top through the gate are more likely to go in one of the two lanes on the right, which is why I suggest plunging for the left side. Top lanes reset each ball.

Full Rules:

Torch has an unusual bonus multiplier scheme, and that’s where some big points are. It’s got a standard roto-target with full center and parts of two edge targets exposed. The left target counts as “A”, center as “B” and right as “C”. The symbols on every target are a 1, 2 or 3. The tic-tac-toe grid at the center of the playfield tells you how your multipliers work. Hitting the same target number in all three positions gives you 3X; hitting all three different numbers in the same position gives you 4X; getting a diagonal pattern, e.g. A1, B2 and C3, gets you 2X; getting all four corners, i.e. A1, A3, C1 and C3 gives you 5X; finally, completing the entire grid of nine gives you 10X bonus. The game spots you the B2 position to start. To get different roto targets, you need to spin it by scoring any of the 6 lanes, top right gate or the standup bullseye target below that gate. Each outlane also spots a roto target – the left outlane gives the current A number, the right outlane the current C number. You also get specific roto targets for completing either drop target bank. Get the left 5-bank and receive A1 and C3; get the right bank for A3 and C1. Completing both banks thus gets you 4X even with no roto target hits. Base bonus goes up to 20K, built by hitting the drop targets, lanes and the bullseye target. Base bonus, multiplier and grid positions scored reset each ball. You can collect your bonus when at 10X and 20K by shooting the upper right gate. Base bonus then resets, your 10X stays for the remainder of the ball. The top lanes score 5K the first time (when lit); getting both of either side’s pair lights the drop target bank on the same side for extra points for target hits. Targets start at 1k, but you get 1K extra per lit number after turning the light on, so with a full roto grid of nine, they’re worth 10K each. Put all this together and you need to shoot the roto several times, with shots through a lane to spin it in between, to fill up your bonus multiplier. My preference is through the gate to the top lanes. Once you get the grid nearly full, shoot the drop targets all day for bonus base and target points until you can do your 10X-20K collect gate shot. If you get that far, just keep shooting targets. The game has post-bounce return lanes; balls must be moving at the right speed to deflect into the return lanes rather than falling into the lower outlane. Watch out for up-and-out drains if the ball rolls up too far on either flipper. Transfers other than tap passes are not advised.

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