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Though most of the buzz around Archer focuses on the famous Keith Elwin designed homebrew pin which eventually became Iron Maiden, people would still like to see an official Archer machine in the wild.

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Archer Pinball

Debuting in 2009, the animated show "Archer" quickly established itself as a potent blend of espionage thriller and irreverent workplace comedy. Produced by Floyd County Productions and created by Adam Reed, the series centers on the exploits of Sterling Archer, a suave yet hilariously self-centered secret agent, and the quirky members of the dysfunctional intelligence agency he works for. With its whip-smart dialogue, complex characters, and gleefully absurdist humor, "Archer" has carved a unique niche in the realm of adult animation.

The cultural impact of "Archer" is keenly felt in its influence on animated comedy. Its rapid-fire humor, often involving obscure references and running gags, has garnered a loyal fanbase and spawned countless memes. Phrases such as "Danger Zone," a recurrent phrase in the show inspired by the song from the movie "Top Gun," or Archer's infamous voicemail pranks, have permeated online culture and are instantly recognizable to fans. The show's unique visual style, which combines retro design aesthetics with contemporary technology and settings, has also been influential, inspiring a distinctive look that other shows have emulated.

Moreover, "Archer" has been lauded for its subversive take on spy genre tropes and workplace dynamics. Characters that might be one-dimensional in other shows are given depth and complexity in "Archer," from the hard-drinking, tough-as-nails Lana Kane to the eccentric and unpredictable Cheryl Tunt. The show's willingness to experiment with different genres and settings, from film noir to science fiction, keeps the narrative fresh and engaging. Even as it parodies spy fiction, "Archer" delves into topics like identity, relationships, and personal growth, demonstrating that humor can coexist with deeper thematic explorations. As such, "Archer" has not only made us laugh; it's made us rethink what an animated comedy can be.