High Speed III

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High Speed III would be the third in the Steve Ritchie helmed pinball franchise, following High Speed and The Getaway: High Speed II.

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High Speed III Pinball

The "pinball franchise" of High Speed and its sequel, The Getaway: High Speed II, are remarkable entries in the annals of pinball history, both stemming from the imaginative mind of Steve Ritchie. High Speed, unleashed upon the arcade world in 1986 by Williams Electronics, was inspired by a real-life police chase experienced by Ritchie himself. This adrenaline-fueled premise was translated into a riveting gameplay that was a blend of speed, light, and sound, catapulting players into high-octane police pursuits at the flick of a flipper. High Speed was groundbreaking in several aspects; it was among the first pinball machines to feature a storyline and an integrated digital display, setting a narrative that players could follow, a notable departure from the traditional score-centric pinball games of yore. The game’s success wasn’t merely a product of its innovative design, but also its ability to encapsulate the thrill of a high-speed chase in a pinball machine, making it a hallmark of the arcade floors.

As the allure of High Speed echoed through the arcades, it set the stage for the advent of its sequel, The Getaway: High Speed II, in 1992. The Getaway elevated the heart-pumping action to new heights, with enhanced gameplay mechanics, a more intricate playfield, and a soundtrack that was as pulsating as the car chases it accompanied. The signature supercharger magnetic ball accelerator became a standout feature, embodying the essence of speed that was the cornerstone of the franchise. The Getaway not only carried forward the legacy of its predecessor but also brought in a new wave of technological innovations, including the DMD (Dot Matrix Display), enriching the player's experience with vibrant animations and a dynamic scoring system.

Together, High Speed and The Getaway: High Speed II constitute a remarkable chapter in the pinball narrative, showcasing how a real-life experience can be morphed into a captivating arcade adventure. Steve Ritchie’s vision, paired with the technical and artistic prowess displayed in these machines, brought forth a franchise that stands as a thrilling homage to the endless pursuit of speed. The legacy of the High Speed franchise continues to resonate, illustrating the timeless allure of the open road, the chase, and the unyielding spirit of escapade encased within the silver ball’s journey across the playfield.