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"Mega Man," also known as "Rockman" in Japan, is an iconic video game franchise created by Capcom, debuting in 1987. Renowned for its challenging gameplay and innovative "weapon copy" mechanic, where the protagonist Mega Man can acquire the special powers of defeated boss characters, the series has had a significant impact on the platformer genre and remains a beloved staple in gaming culture.

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First introduced in 1987, the series stars the titular character Mega Man, a blue-armored android who battles against the forces of the evil Dr. Wily. Unique to the series was its non-linear game progression, which allowed players to choose the order in which they tackled levels and their respective bosses. The series' innovative "weapon copy" mechanic, where Mega Man gains the powers of defeated boss characters, added a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay and became a defining trait of the franchise.

"Mega Man" is known for its challenging yet rewarding gameplay. The series helped establish and popularize many conventions of the platformer genre, with its precise controls, intricate level design, memorable boss battles, and catchy music. Over the years, the franchise expanded to include several sub-series such as "Mega Man X," "Mega Man Zero," and "Mega Man Battle Network," each introducing new gameplay elements and characters, further solidifying its legacy in the gaming industry.

In terms of cultural impact, "Mega Man" has played a significant role in shaping the video game landscape. It has influenced countless other games, especially within the platformer genre, and its blue color scheme and iconic design have made Mega Man a recognizable figure in pop culture. The series' music, composed by Capcom's in-house band, is celebrated for its catchy tunes and has been performed by orchestras and rock bands worldwide. The franchise's enduring popularity is reflected in its successful spin-offs into various media, including television series, comics, and merchandise. Despite the ups and downs in the franchise's history, "Mega Man" remains a beloved icon in the gaming world, continuing to inspire game designers and entertain players with its timeless charm.