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Fans of the Predator movies would like to see a Predator themed pinball machine.

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Predator Pinball

The Predator franchise is a cornerstone of the science-fiction action genre that began with the 1987 film "Predator". Directed by John McTiernan, and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first movie set the template for the series: a group of heavily armed individuals, typically in a remote location, are hunted by a technologically advanced alien known as a Predator. These extraterrestrials, characterized by their dreadlocked helmets, fanged mandibles, and infrared vision, are unique in that they hunt not for sustenance or conquest, but for sport, viewing the stalking and killing of dangerous prey as a rite of passage.

The Predator's distinct design and novel premise contributed to the success of the original film, which spawned several sequels and crossovers with the Alien franchise, comic books, novels, and video games, creating a sprawling multi-media franchise. These subsequent iterations have explored the Predator's culture, technology, and their interactions with various historical periods and settings, adding depth to the initially enigmatic alien hunters.

In terms of cultural impact, the Predator franchise has left a significant mark on popular culture. The original film, with its blend of action, horror, and science fiction, has been hailed as a classic of the 80s cinema. Phrases from the movie, such as Schwarzenegger's iconic line, "Get to the chopper!", have entered the cultural lexicon. The Predator itself has become a recognizable and influential figure in science fiction, and its unique design has inspired countless other alien creatures in various media. The franchise has also sparked discussion about themes such as masculinity, warfare, and humanity's relationship with the unknown, proving that beneath the thrilling action sequences, there's more to the Predator series than meets the eye.