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Popular gaming and movie franchise Resident Evil is frequently requested as a new pinball theme.

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Resident Evil Pinball

The Resident Evil franchise, birthed from the heart of the survival horror video game genre, has left an irrefutable imprint on pop culture since its initial foray into the gaming world in 1996. Developed by Capcom, the series has become a behemoth in the gaming industry, transcending its interactive origins to infiltrate other mediums, such as films, comics, and novels. With its compelling narratives, meticulously designed environments, and memorable characters, Resident Evil is a towering figure not only in its genre but also in the larger context of multimedia franchises.

The games, rich in atmospheric storytelling and imbued with a hair-raising sense of dread, have shaped and defined the survival horror genre. From the intricate puzzles and the iconic typewriter save points to the heart-stopping encounters with various grotesque creatures, Resident Evil has created a unique and immersive universe that millions have dared to navigate. Its impact is evident in the myriad games that have borrowed and expanded upon its mechanics and narrative style. It's safe to say that Resident Evil has given us the language to articulate a whole new dimension of fear and tension in gaming.

Outside of gaming, the Resident Evil franchise has also made its mark in Hollywood, spawning a series of action-horror films. While the cinematic adaptations diverge significantly from their source material, their commercial success underscores the power of the Resident Evil brand and its immense influence on pop culture. The franchise's symbology, from the iconic Umbrella Corporation logo to characters like Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy, has seeped into the broader cultural consciousness. Resident Evil, in its multifaceted manifestations, stands as a testament to the expansive potential of video game franchises and their ability to shape and influence various aspects of our popular culture. The franchise is a masterclass in maintaining suspense and delivering the macabre, ensuring its audience stays captivated, forever on the edge of their seats.