Barry O’s Barbecue Challenge is the Next American Pinball Machine

Barry O’s Barbecue Challenge is the Next American Pinball Machine
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Barry O’s Barbecue Challenge is the Next American Pinball Machine
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Barry O’s Barbecue Challenge is the Next American Pinball Machine
Published on
March 8, 2024
Updated on
March 13, 2024
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We just mentioned in our weekly TWIP update this morning that we might see a new game from American Pinball launched at Texas Pinball Festival, and that looks to be true! 

American Pinball's website was updated today with information for their latest game, Barry O's BBQ Challenge. It looks to be a full featured modern game, complete with ramps and everything! Some early rumors had speculated that it might be a single level game.

Since he sadly passed several years ago, this should be the final credited game for designer Barry Oursler. As noted on AP's website, all royalties from sales of this game will go to Barry Oursler's estate.

This game is also notable for being the first production credits for Steven Bowden and Ryan McQuaid. Steven is well known in the community for a variety of initiatives, as well as his high level competitive play. Ryan McQuaid comes from the custom pinball scene and is best known for his work on Sonic Spinball several years ago.

To the best of my knowledge, Don from Don's Pinball Podcast is one of if not the only of the pinball media people to have actually played the game so far, thanks to a recent trip to the AP factory.

Check out his latest podcast for his full thoughts on the game, but when we reached out, he had this to say to us about it:

"Barry O’s BBQ challenge mixes classic 90’s style pinball with some innovative ball locks dripping with southern twinged charm. Ideal for location or tournament play it honors one of the greats for fast paced BBQ action."

-Don's Pinball Podcast

Who's Who

Pricing & Availability

  • Limited Edition - limited to 100 copies - $8,495
  • Classic Edition - no limit - $6,995
  • Royalties from game sales will be given to the Barry Oursler estate.

The game will be available for play starting on 3/9 at:

Early Gameplay Video

Game Photos

Rules & Code

Boss Lanes

Boost your Playfield X, earn Bonus Multipliers, and big points.

Fix Grill Targets

Use these to repair your equipment if it breaks down.

Grill Bumpers

They get hotter as you use them to cook BBQ recipes.

Scoring Posts

Find the perfect flavor for your BBQ recipe.

Recipe Value Ramp

Increase shot values as you cook recipes for higher scores.

Bash Locks

Lower saucers start Hot Rod Challenges. Locked balls also become bash targets.

B-B-Q P-I-T Targets

Master these targets to collect valuable awards.

Fire Lanes

Complete to start a hurry-up. Put out that FIRE for bonus points.

Chef Lanes

Improve your recipe and bumper values.

Barry's Lock

Start Hot Rod Challenges and Pitmaster Multiball.

Sauce Spinners

"Spinner Sauce" will help you earn higher ratings.

Drop Targets

Sweepable targets increase scoring.

Playfield X Ramp

Temporarily increase all scoring

The Stars of BBQ

Defeat them to become the next Pitmaster.

Change Award

Spin up another BBQ PIT award or an Extra Ball.

Outlane Save

Start the FIRE hurry-up with either outlane to save your ball.

Bonus-X Grid

Keep pushing your multipliers higher.

Challenge Grid

Take on several Hot Rod Challenges at the Festival.

Barry O's Barbecue Challenge Flyer