Buying a Home Basketball Arcade Game? It's A Slam Dunk!

Buying a Home Basketball Arcade Game? It's A Slam Dunk!
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Buying a Home Basketball Arcade Game? It's A Slam Dunk!
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Buying a Home Basketball Arcade Game? It's A Slam Dunk!
Published on
October 27, 2022
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May 1, 2024
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Basketball arcade machines give you the space to jam. Space…jam. Hmm..

welcome to the space jam

Why You Need a Basketball Arcade Game for your Game Room

Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Steph Curry. What do they have in common? They all cut their chops on basketball arcade games.

While that may or may not be a lie, you will feel like an NBA superstar when you get the high score on your own basketball arcade game. Any baller knows a home basketball arcade game completes any man cave or rec room. Hey, we don’t make the rules—but it’s a fact. Open a few delicious craft beers and shoot some hoops with your pals. It’s the perfect way to pass the time.

When buying a home basketball arcade game, don’t settle for anything less than the best.

See one at your local supermarket for like $100? Dikembe Mutombo shakes his finger “no” in your general direction.

Go for a basketball arcade game that looks so legit, you would find it in an actual arcade. We’re talking basketball games with loud sounds, buzzers, and side netting. Why side netting, you ask? Do you want to chase a small basketball around your game room or basement? No? Then side netting it is. Nothing but net. Pun intended.

And while the price of these basketball arcade games may seem high at first glance, we believe that living out your NBA dreams in your basement with a beer in hand is a priceless activity.

If you’re wondering why these hoop-centric amusement machines are so popular, one word comes to mind: basketball. It’s one of the biggest sports. Whether it’s college basketball, the NBA, or your local public basketball court, adults and kids alike are always playing. With a home basketball arcade game, you can practice your shot without the neighborhood kids yelling “airball” at you every five seconds. Plus, it’s a great workout! You’d be surprised how sore your arms get after many back-to-back shooting sessions.

Here’s a few styles of the best basketball machines we really dig:

NBA Hoop Troop Basketball Arcade

Price: $7,999

NBA hoop troop basketball arcade machine

Move over, Goof Troop. With the actual NBA logo on this arcade-style basketball machine and classic eye-catching colors, this will make you feel like you’re really going pro. This family-friendly arcade machine’s basketballs are made to fit both adult and child hands. They’re easy to grip and shoot—plus it can churn out tickets for that real, authentic arcade feeling.

College Hoops Pro Basketball Arcade

Price: $7,299.00 – $7,649.00

college hoops pro basketball arcade machine

“Give it the old college try” takes on a new meaning. (Also, no one says this anymore, right?) Choose your hoops school and start shooting for school pride with your college friends! There’s even a PIG mode — the classic court game where you get letters when you miss. The only knock on this machine? No Ithaca College (Go Bombers!). Where’s the respect for mediocre Division III basketball teams? Psh.

Kalkomat WIK Outdoor Basketball Arcade Game

Price: $6,999.00 - $7,899.00

Kalkomat WIK Outdoor Basketball Arcade Game

Got a business logo? It’d look great slapped on a cool home basketball arcade game! You can have all the fun of a home basketball arcade machine, plus the exclusivity of being the only person in the world with your unique logo or picture on the side of the cabinet. If you put a picture of your spouse or kid on the side, it might help convince your partner to get on board with your purchase. Bonus: It’s made to handle being outside, leaving more room in your game room for extra pinball machines.

LAI Games HYPERshoot Basketball

Price: $12,399.00

LAI Games HYPERshoot Basketball arcade machine

The future is now! A light tunnel? Hyper-focused sharpshooters, this one’s for you. The eight different color configurations are cool so you can coordinate to your favorite sports team. (We see you, Periwinkle Purple.) There’s even lighting effects that follow the ball. It’s like being on fire in NBA Jam, but in real life.

Are these basketball arcade games not your style? Looking for something specific? We recommend using that thing Al Gore invented, the internet, and searching to your heart’s content. We recommend sites that specialize in home arcade games over your Walmarts and such that have more machines available, but of lesser style and quality.

Wanna go local? Use Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or call your local arcade to see if they have any basketball arcade games for sale.

No matter what arcade style basketball game you go with, you’re gonna have a good time—much better than Space Jam: A New Legacy. Thank us later when all your friends want to hang at your place and shoot some indoor hoops. Just keep practicing on your own—you don’t want that one annoying friend to overtake you on the leaderboard!

At the buzzer, we’ll ask one last question: Which home basketball arcade game are you going to choose?