What Everyone Should Know About the Mini Jumbotron

What Everyone Should Know About the Mini Jumbotron
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What Everyone Should Know About the Mini Jumbotron
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What Everyone Should Know About the Mini Jumbotron
Published on
November 24, 2022
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May 6, 2024
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If you're a sports fan or a gaming enthusiast, the Mini Jumbotron is the perfect addition to your game room. It's guaranteed to bring new excitement to your home and will be an investment you won't regret.

mini jumbotron for home game room and pool table

If you’re looking for cool and innovative accessories for your home’s game room or man cave, the Mini Jumbotron is an incredible and totally unique option. However, many people aren’t aware of the Mini Jumbotron and its unique awesomeness. This article will go through all that you should know about this man cave must have (and even how to make one if you have some DIY skills) to show you the unending entertainment and room aesthetic glory a Mini Jumbotron can offer.

What is the Mini Jumbotron?

Before investing in a Mini Jumbotron for your home, game room, or man cave decorations, you must know everything about the product. A Mini Jumbotron, as you might expect, is a take on the classic JumboTron that you’ll find at major sporting events.

Sports fans will recognize the traditional JumboTron’s ability to capture sporting events when you can’t see the court or field clearly. And if you aren't familiar with what a JumboTron is, it's the screen and scoreboard device that hangs above sporting arenas. In many indoor sports arenas, it will typically have screens on all four sides that features a live feed and highlights of what’s happening during the game. JumboTrons are a staple of sporting events and something that fans will instantly recognize and love.

When you can’t get a ticket to your favorite team’s upcoming game, you don’t have to lose the experience of watching them play live and in person. A Mini Jumbotron is exactly what it sounds like: a miniature version of the classic JumboTron scaled down to fit better into the comparatively limited space of your game room. Just imagine Football Sunday (or Saturday), with multiple games on the screen while you shoot some pool or play some pinball. So cool, right?

What’s Special About the Mini Jumbotron?

There are endless reasons why the Mini Jumbotron is the perfect purchase for your game room. A Mini Jumbotron captures the look and thrill of live sporting events without the cost and hassle of going to the stadium. Plus, you get to stay in the comfort of your home, enjoying the games you love, surrounded by your favorite people.

And, we can almost guarantee you that if you buy a Mini Jumbotron for your home, you'll be one of the only people in your friend group to have one! Talk about a conversation starter.

If getting a Mini Jumbotron to watch your favorite sporting doesn’t convince you, the Mini Jumbotron, is, after all, just a box with 4 TV screens so you could use it to watch other entertainment options like movies, concerts, pinball Twitch streams - whatever your little heart desires. All in all, there’s nothing not to love about the Mini Jumbotron.

Plus, just think about that Mini Jumbotron paired with your arcade style hoops machine, air hockey table, or bubble hocky game. Perfect combo, amiright?

Where Can I Buy a Mini Jumbotron?

A Mini Jumbotron is a wise investment for any sporting or gaming fans looking to bring more excitement into their home viewing experience. Once you set your heart on a Mini Jumbotron, it’s time to start asking the critical questions: where can you find a Mini Jumbotron for sale? Who even makes Mini Jumbotrons?

The answer is simple: buy a Mini Jumbotron from the source itself at the Mini Jumbotron Company. This company was established after the first Mini Jumbotron, hand-crafted by the head of the Mini Jumbotron Company, went viral for his top-of-the-class addition to the classic game room setup.

You can rest assured that you will feel satisfied with your Mini Jumbotron product because it’s not just coming from any company but directly from a sports fan like you. The creators of the Mini Jumbotron understand how special sporting events are for the truly dedicated and want to help make your experience watching sports as unique and exciting as possible.

When you buy a Mini Jumbotron, you can guarantee that your game room will be the envy of your friends and win all the local game room awards (if only that were a real thing). Once you add your Mini Jumbotron to your space, you’ll struggle to understand how you ever got by without one.

Mini Jumbotrons created by the dedicated team at the Mini Jumbotron Company are a surefire way to make your game room the place to be during significant sporting events. Instead of watching massive tournaments while you sit by your television, why not choose an incredible, room-defining product like the Mini Jumbotron?

Can I Make My Own Mini Jumbotron?

Crafty sports fans might consider making their own Jumbotron instead of purchasing one where they can’t control the design and creation process. Suppose you prefer to make things yourself. No worries: in that case, a DIY Mini Jumbotron guide is available from the creator of the Mini Jumbotron himself.

mini jumbotron for game room man cave

Figuring out how to make a Mini Jumbotron isn’t as challenging as you might think. Below are the materials and steps to take for your DIY Mini Jumbotron build so you can create your new favorite viewing device and brag about it to your friends.

The Materials You Need for a DIY Mini Jumbotron

Before you start the building process for your Mini Jumbotron, gather the following materials to ensure that you are prepared to show your skills.

  • Two adjustable wrenches
  • Drill
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Miter, circular, or oscillating saw
  • Plexi-glass cutter or oscillating saw
  • Heat gun
  • Wire stripper
  • ¼” drill bit
  • 1” wood spade boring bit
  • 1 ⅞” hole saw
  • 4” hole saw
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Clear Gorilla Glue
  • Utility knife or razor blade
  • Spray bottle with water and three drops of dish soap
  • Scissors
  • Tape measurer or a 36”+ ruler

DIY Mini Jumbotron Build Plans

Now that you have the necessary materials to create your DIY Mini Jumbotron, it’s time to get into the process of finding build plans for your new creation. Instead of going at it on your own without further instruction, turn to the expert creator of the Mini Jumbotron and follow the Complete DIY Build Plans guide for only $29.

diy mini jumbotron build

If you’re wary about how much this guide includes, worry no more–the Mini Jumbotron DIY Build Plan guide contains everything you’ll need for a successful build, including:

  • Complete list of materials and parts to build a Microtron 24” model or Macrotron 32” model with the exact materials used to create the original Mini Jumbotron
  • Extensive series of how-to videos to help you navigate the process of building your Mini Jumbotron
  • Free and professional graphic design assistance, guidance, and templates to guarantee that your Mini Jumbotron is designed and customized to your liking
  • Unlimited access to essential questions and answers about building your Mini Jumbotron

Individuals that buy the Mini Jumbotron Build Plans Guide have the option to speed their build process up when they configure a DIY Build Kit to specific features, including:

  • The Mini Jumbotron Frame
  • Quad Mounting System
  • Upgraded Mini Jumbotron Base

A DIY Mini Jumbotron might be perfect if you love hands-on building and creating a space in your home that’s entirely your own. Once you’ve completed your successful DIY Mini Jumbotron build, you can kick back and enjoy the outcome of your hard work. Sit down with your favorite drink, and revel in the valuable time spent creating your new favorite way to enjoy sports.

What is the Price of a Mini Jumbotron?

Your Mini Jumbotron price depends on the type of Mini Jumbotron you order and whether you build your Mini Jumbotron on your own. While the guidebook for a DIY Mini Jumbotron is $29, a pre-made Mini Jumbotron will be priced according to its size, as seen below.

  • Microtron 24” Model: $2,195
  • Macrotron 32” Model: $3,195
  • Megatron 43” Model: $3,995
  • Configure a DIY Build Kit: $1,250

Your decision will likely depend on your level of expertise in DIY building, your finances, and how much you’re willing to put into your game room. However, no matter what you decide, you can guarantee that your Mini Jumbotron will be a welcome addition to your game room.

When you purchase a Mini Jumbotron, you’ll struggle to find anything you don’t love about the product. No matter where you place it or how you use it, a Mini Jumbotron is one of the best additions to your man cave that you could ask for.

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