Labyrinth is the First Pinball Machine from Barrels of Fun [UPDATED 10.17]

Labyrinth is the First Pinball Machine from Barrels of Fun [UPDATED 10.17]
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Labyrinth is the First Pinball Machine from Barrels of Fun [UPDATED 10.17]
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Labyrinth is the First Pinball Machine from Barrels of Fun [UPDATED 10.17]
Published on
October 11, 2023
Updated on
October 17, 2023
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  • 10.17: Added new gameplay stream from Bowen Kerins (produced from Barrels HQ)
  • 10.16: Added a gameplay stream and tutorial from Bowen Kerins
  • 10.15 #2: Added section for gameplay and modes, alongside a screenshot of the playfield art where modes are called out
  • 10.15 #1: Added some Q&A info from Chief Business Officer Brian Savage towards the bottom.
  • 10.13 #3: Listen to the latest Aussie Pinball Podcast episode where Dr. John interviews David Van Es for more details about the game and the company.
  • 10.13 #1: According to the latest Aussie Pinball Podcast with Dr. John, look for a special episode on his podcast around 1:02 PM US Central Time discussing the game, including an interview with the owner of the company.
  • 10.11: Updates on what we know of the design team so far, and the company HQ are at the bottom. Also did anyone else catch that the video was posted in the 13th hour of the day? (1pm United States Central Time)

A David Bowie pinball machine. Or at least a David Bowie adjacent pinball machine, depending on how you look at things.

These are words I never thought I'd get to write. And if I did, I was fully expecting it to be because I finally took the plunge into custom pinball to bring my own David Bowie game to life.

But, after months of speculation and a clever marketing campaign, the Mystery Pinball Company has finally confirmed the game they plan to release at the 2023 Pinball Expo next week in Schaumburg, IL.

In the 13th hour of the day (1pm CT), the Mystery Pinball Company unveiled an official teaser trailer for their game, Labyrinth on their official YouTube channel, where they also revealed their company name, Barrels of Fun Pinball.

Judging by the trailer, we can at least put away some concerns about the assets that were acquired for the game, as David Bowie features prominently in all aspects of the trailer, including graphics, voiceover, and music.

Labyrinth peaked at #138 in our Hype Index rankings, which makes it one of the more "out of left field" choices for a game, at least since we've been tracking these things. But, we certainly see the potential in the IP.

Design Team Credits

Some members of the pinball community have been changing their profile photos on Facebook, presumably to signal that they are involved with this project in some respect. Those that have changed their photos include:

  • Paul Sulisz (manufacturing)
  • David Fawcett (technology)
  • Travis Moseman (engineering design)
  • Trent Armstrong (animation)
  • Nate Hallinan (primary backglass, cabinet)
  • Johnny Bergeron (playfield, alt backglass, & art blades)
  • Johnny Fraser-Allen (art director)

Barrels of Fun Pinball Company Details

  • David van Es - Designer & CEO
  • Brian Savage - Chief Business Officer

Barrels of Fun, llc
4903 W Sam Houston Pkwy N Ste A100
Houston TX 77041

(281) 313-5400

Game Trailer & Other Confirmed Details

  • 1,100 units
  • $10,600 to buy
  • $1,000 deposit for pre-orders
  • Playfields by CPR

Game Description & Features

Venture into the fantasy world by visionary Jim Henson’s, Labyrinth. This cult classic from the 80s, featuring the iconic David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, who has captured the imaginations of many.

Embark on this pinball adventure, as you encounter a cast of characters, including Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ludo, who can become your loyal companions “Should you need them” and prove invaluable allies as you navigate the labyrinth filled with outrageous creatures and unknown dangers.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the castle beyond the Goblin City, where Jareth awaits. You’ll face numerous challenges and obstacles. These challenges will involve solving riddles, and the ever-shifting paths of the labyrinth, and outsmarting cunning adversaries. Each successful conquest will earn you an Orb, which is essential for progressing deeper into the labyrinth.

The journey through the Labyrinth is not only a test of wit and courage but is your own adventure. A world where fantasy and reality intertwine, where your determination and resourcefulness are your greatest assets. With your newfound friends and the Orb’s power, you can inch closer to your goal and confront the enigmatic Goblin King.

Entering the fantastical collectible pinball world of “Labyrinth”, limited to just 1,100 games worldwide, promises to be an enchanting and unique experience. Where the magic of Jim Henson’s visionary world meets the tactile and immersive thrill of pinball gameplay. Each flip of the flippers, bump of the ball, will transport you into the heart of the Labyrinth.

Immerse yourself in the iconic scenes and Music from the movie, reliving key moments and challenges from the film. Complete with interactive features and toys that will transport you to the world of Labyrinth while appreciating the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this limited collectible.

So, for those lucky enough to acquire one of these 1,100 units, may your adventure through the “Labyrinth” pinball world be a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with the same wonder and excitement that the movie brought to fans for decades.

  • Sculpted Goblin King Castle
  • Sculpted Goblin City and Hidden Ludo Toy
  • Goblin city, magnet Diverter
  • Goblin Gate Fork Trap
  • Humongous Smart Drop Target
  • Sculpted Humongous toy guard
  • Goblin Gate Spinner
  • Brick Keeper lift ramp and hidden home (scoop). Beware the Brick Keeper’s and their tricks
  • Begger Magnet
  • Bog Scoop
  • Helping hands scoop
  • Sir Didymus staff Up post. Befriend Sir Didymus and allow him to save your ball.
  • 3 ramps, goblin city wireform, metal right return ramp and wireform, and middle ramp
  • Two firey appearing toys
  • Sculpted Ello Worm Toy
  • Ello Appearing Post
  • Sculpted doors with knockers scene
  • Physical Ball Path Diverter
  • Sculpted Wise Man and Smart Drop Target. Complete his quests for special awards.
  • Wireform Skill Ramp with multiple Skill Shots
  • Mirror plastics
  • 14.9 LCD backboard for a true expanded world under glass
  • Playfield art by Johnny Bergeron aka Johnny Crap
  • Backglass featuring the goblin king himself, David Bowie by Nate Hallinan, or Mirrored “should you need us” alternative backglass by Johnny Bergeron.
  • Powder coat pinball trim
  • Matching powder-coat LCD speaker panel with 15.6 LCD with labyrinth laser-cut speaker vents.
  • Light-up speakers
  • Crystal ball flipper buttons
  • Fanless power Supply
  • Fast Pinball controller System


  • As the World Falls Down
  • Chilly Down
  • Magic Dance !!!!
  • Underground
  • Within You

Game Flyers

Available Game Accessories

  • "Should You Need Us" Alternate Backglass ($289)
  • Custom Nipper Shooter Rod ($116)
  • Animated Goblin Topper ($950)

Gameplay and Modes

We're looking for a gameplay video and tutorial from Bowen Kerins to come out sometime soon, but until then, looking at playfield art it looks like 6-7 modes plus a main multiball.

Mode names: Knockers, Four Guards, Fireys, Cleaners, Oubliette, Bog, Battle Jareth, Goblin City Multiball

Gameplay Streams

Where to Buy Labyrinth Pinball

Distributors for Labyrinth Pinball at launch include:

  • KingPin Games
  • Coin Taker
  • Flip N Out Pinball
  • Mr. Pinball
  • Joystix Classic Games and Pinballs
  • Fun! Billiards & Gameroom Superstore

Brian Savage Update Answering Buyer Questions

From Brian's pinside update.

Well, hello everyone. I must say all of you are awesome! The team wants to thank you for all the kind words, and we totally understand some of the skepticism as we are collectors too! Dropping all of this, firing up a web store, manufacturing games and getting ready for Expo, it's a wonder we have not died of exhaustion yet... I'm Brian Savage the Chief Business Officer and I'm going to see if I can take a stab at some of your questions. I can't spend tons of time here and being at 24 pages already it's a lot to take in.

First and foremost, thanks to all of you for being involved in the discussion and thanks to all of you who have ordered and believe in our story and abilities! As we say in Texas, for most of our folks, it's not our first rodeo.

Yes, the boards are by Fast which is a proven board system for pinball. These are the boards that are in the 2.0 kits and many home brew machines. Aaron at Fast has been a great partner. The playfields are from CPR another proven quality manufacturer.

There will be 10 games at Expo. They are all sitting in their boxes waiting to get on the truck tomorrow. Some will be on the floor, and some will be at our Pizza party Friday night at 9:30 pm. Make sure you come upstairs and see us.

As to questions about the company name Barrels of Fun, we don't define ourselves as just a pinball manufacturer, we are a collectibles or in our joking way "Kollectibles" manufacturer. We have plans for other products as well. The most important thing about a name is how "sticky" it is. I'd say this one is "super glue" as it seems everyone remembers it and has an opinion. But that really doesn't matter as building a brand is about the quality of the products and you will all be the judge of that we know for sure...

Why did we do only one model? Well, we looked at sales of other companies and found that the lower tier models sell the least. Companies typically offer them so when someone balks at the price they can say "we have a lesser priced one". Instead, we decided to give you an above LE trim level and mechanics at a much lower price. When you see the machine in person, you will be the judge. And speaking of pricing, it's based on expenses as we would all like it to be as low as it can be. It's about value of what you are paying v. the quality of what you receive. We think we are right in line with where it should be. We also think the production quantity is the right number. Calling a production number for anything is very difficult. In my 25+ years in the collectibles industry, I have seen companies way under call it and way over call it. Both have issues. We don't want to under call it as it creates scalpers, and we don't want to way over call it as it creates extra product that you can't sell. We are shooting for "just right". At the end of the day, we CAN make 1,100 but if it turns out the demand is not there, we won't make them. So, if the orders stop at 900-1000, well, that's what the run will be.

Sara is not in the game and that was a design decision as this is YOUR time in the Labyrinth not hers. You are not playing through her eyes; you will make your own decisions with the help of the friends you make. Will you go up or down, left, or right? Each decision has consequences and rewards!

The game comes with a regular shooter rod. The Nipper shooter rod was a sculpt we had commissioned and wanted to use it for something. It just turned out that it was sculpted so that it fits your hand perfectly as a shooter rod handle. It's not for everyone as some will say Nippers are pretty ugly.

The Bowie backglass is designed for the hard-core movie fan. That's why we made the alternate creature "If You Need Us" glass as some will prefer that. The game has tons of clips in it already. As to the programming well, see what Bowen says about it in an upcoming play video. I think many of you will be surprised at how far along we are when you play it at Expo.

International folks - distributors coming on-line today for you in Europe and Canada. We are just waiting on paperwork from some of them. We will also be adding a few more US distributors. We will sell 150 games direct, and the rest will go through the distributors. All games will be shipped in the sequence the orders came in no matter if it's through us or not. We offered the games that are scheduled to ship November 3rd at full price as there was no need to take a pre-order and come back and take the balance so quick. With your pre-order you will be contacted about 2 weeks prior to complete your purchase and add accessories if you want. We hope to be able to give guidance down the road on when we think your order will ship so it is not a surprise to your bank account.

We know manufacturing will be slow between now and the first of the year as we refine our processes. Currently we are double and triple checking the machines before they go out as we cannot afford to have issues. As you see, we made these games on our dime, not yours. We wanted you to have confidence in us out the gate, not wait 6 months for something to START shipping. We are shipping now! We would have loved to have had more games in boxes before expo but some of our suppliers decided that wasn't going to happen... Of course, we do need this game to be a success as we have a ton, maybe two tons invested. This is not the only IP we have a license for.

Again, international folks - yes, the machine's SILENT 48v power supplies auto switches but the 12v SILENT power supply needs a switch flipped which we will do before it comes to you. You just may need to add the standard PC power cord for your country, and you are off to the MAZE. Did I mention that the power supplies were SILENT? Nothing worse than a room full of machines that keep flipping fans on when you are watching TV (that's what happens at my house).

In closing, I'll check in here but not a whole lot this next week. The team looks forward to seeing you at Expo and to use the pun for the 100th time, it will be A-MAZE-ing!

We'll update this page as we receive more details.