Pinball Map New Locations Update: October 2023

Pinball Map New Locations Update: October 2023
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Pinball Map New Locations Update: October 2023
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Pinball Map New Locations Update: October 2023
Published on
November 3, 2023
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November 3, 2023
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What a month! Team Pinball Map embarked on a cross-country journey part way across the country to Schaumburg, Illinois for Pinball Expo. We gave a seminar right after Colin’s Kineticist seminar. It was fun! First time we’d done something like that.

One main thing we learned is that a lot of people at Expo use Pinball Map. That was a heartwarming thing to see firsthand. 

We have some new and notable spots to highlight for October. Prepare yerself.

Lancaster Silverball Retro Arcade @ Clipper Magazine Stadium 

We’ve all heard of Clipper Magazine. Perhaps some of us have even clipped things out of it, per their name. But not all of us know how incredibly lucrative clipping can be, especially for those operating the magazine that drives the clipping industry. Clipper Magazine is so successful that they launched their own tricked-out stadium, complete with a skybox sector containing a giant arcade. Sounds amazing. To access the Lancaster Silverball Retro Arcade, you have to rent it out. And to rent it out, you need money, so start clipping!

Velum Fermentation

After catching a baseball game at Clipper Magazine Stadium, you could easily mosey on over to Pittsburgh. You wouldn’t even have to leave the state (Pennsylvania), which means you can bring as much fruit as you want with you (otherwise, as we know, you’d have to declare your fruit as you cross state lines). Velum Fermenation is a brewery, has an event space, and has a notable/noble amount of machines (30). We are happy for them. And we’re happy for you, if you are lucky enough to go here.

Victory Pizza Bar

Tucked just north of the San Fernando Valley, which is in itself nestled just north of Los Angeles, is Santa Clarita. I’ve swung through here many a-times and have always lamented the dearth of pinball machines. Sure, there were a few scattered here and there like the coconut flakes on my acai bowl as I exited Ubatuba and a Bouquet Canyon gust carried them away. But now, thanks to Victory Pizza Bar, there’s a prime spot with 13 hallowed pins. That’s really cool. New places with lots of pins is a joy to behold. From reading this series of articles, I hope you latch onto that sense of joy.


From what I understand, Taproom-120 in Gilbert has two arcades in it, one of which is Outpost Kodelia's Starbase 120. Starbase 120 has 9 pinball machines as well as other games. They have an adaptive controller on one of their machines for folks that require an accessibility accommodation. Those devices are really getting popular. They seem like a simple and very cool device that helps open up pinball to those who could not otherwise play. Hope to see more!

I know what you’re thinking: kind of a smaller list of new and notable venues in this month’s article. We did have a lot of new locations added to the map in October (hundreds!). But this is your list. More will come. And some will go away (in fact, a couple places that we have highlighted in this article series have already removed their machines). Such is life. Such is suck.