Pinball Map New Locations Update: May 2023

Pinball Map New Locations Update: May 2023
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Pinball Map New Locations Update: May 2023
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Pinball Map New Locations Update: May 2023
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June 2, 2023
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June 2, 2023
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May. 2023. It was a month we’ll never forget. And how could we forget those haunted days we spent in a haunting daze even if we wanted to? We couldn’t. The month is marked indelibly in our minds like a PAST DUE stamp on a bill that you looked at once, placed on your kitchen counter, and then became magically blind to. MAY! Says the stamp. 

Like every month, a chongload of new venues were submitted to Pinball Map. Over 200 this time. Here, in this article, are but a pinch. We hope you learn something - anything - from reading this. As always, thank you for using Pinball Map and for being you.

Oh, as noted last time, and worth re-typing now, not all of these locations are necessarily new. We got a lot of feedback last time saying things like, “Technically, this venue is not precisely new, because the soft opening was on Jacktober Whocaresth.” And so I want to tap the sign: new to the map

Side note: is it immoral to say that we “got a lot of feedback” about something when we didn’t actually get any such feedback? If you do have feedback, hit me up at Onward!

The Arcade Project (Newark, NY)

the arcade project newark new york

This proj in Newark, New York (east of Rochester, north of the Finger Lakes), is in a kind of “preview” right now where they’re trying out a $10 entry fee with games on free play. After this preview, which ends at the end of May (right now!), they will… they will ummmm. Well, they’ll still have 20 pinball machines and like 40 arcade games at The Arcade Project, so it’s all good no matter what.

The Rewind Arcade (Sebastopol, CA)

the rewind arcade

“Finally!” This writer whispered to himself after sitting on his butt for a month while the owners worked hard to make it all happen. Rewind Arcade has arrived in sunny (foggy?) Sebastopol in the northern sector of the Bay Area. It’s in the Barlow Market, which is like a town within a town, but instead of roads and shops and houses this town has roads and shops.

Scanlines Arcades (Kokomo, IN)

  • Address: 2320 Valentine Dr. Kokomo, IN 46902
  • Machines on location: 19
  • Link
scanline arcades

Located in the Kokomo Raceway in Kokomo, Indiana (straight north of Indy). The raceway complex also appears to have a mini-golf course. Looks like a sick arcade. I’ve heard that the other Kokomo - the one sung about by the Beach Boys and bongoed to by John Stamos, and not the song danced to by Betty Grable in the ‘40s - has an arcade called Tanline Arcade. It’s like the tropical sibling to Scanline. Has anyone else heard that?

Level One Bar + Arcade (Cincinnati, OH)

level one bar arcade cincinnati

You’ve heard of Level One Bar + Arcade in Columbus, Ohio, but have you heard of second Level One Bar + Arcade in Cincinnati? Boasting 12 pinball machines, Level One will explode your mind a little more with each quarter dropped. Come plunge, flip, and giggle with your friends and loved ones. Or come alone and make some new friends and loved ones.

Zia Comics (Las Cruces, NM)

zia comics

Zia Comics is obviously a comic book shop, clearly in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and literally hosting 10 pinball machines for you to play in their game room. It’s kind of near the Trinity Site, home of the first detonated atomic bomb. That said, comic shops are generally cool places to play pinball, due to the non-toxic people and peaceful atmosphere.

Hometown Arcade (Norwood, MA)

hometown arcade norwood ma

Roughly located outside Boston, upon paying an entrance fee the machines at Hometown Arcade become accessible and free for you to play. The map note says that this place will have a bar in the future. I like how venues open up without 100% of their offerings in place. Bar’s not ready? Who cares! Just open. Open, see what people respond to, and build off that.

Kart Kountry (Sheperdsville, KY)

kart kountry arcade family entertainment center

Situated just south of Louisville is a place known to locals and visitors alike as Kart Kountry. Gotta say viewing it from my satellite it looks to have an ultra long go-kart track. Looks like you could truly get lost (not literally) in the folds of your mind amidst the curves of the track. As per usual, this family fun center also houses mini-golf, batting cages, some kind of water feature, and, of course, yon arcade. 

Gravitate Pinball (Brattleboro, VT)

Gravitate Pinball is brand new, having just completed their soft opening phase in the last weekend of May. Next up: proper hours. It’ll be open hereonout on Fri, Sat, and Sun. They have a nice blend of ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s, and ‘20s games (wow, that is a lot of decades). If you are in Brattleboro, Vermont’s orbit, then I can imagine that you are now being gravitationally pulled toward this arcade.

Past Times Arcade (Girard, OH)

past times arcade so many games

Remember this moment, people. This is the moment when the largest pinball location in the United States opened. You are here (wherever you are), and you are now. Past Times has 351 plus machines. It is owned by the organizers of the Chicago Pinball Expo. Map listings of this scale can be really difficult to manage. Usually the listings are maintained by one or two stalwart people - nay, heroes - who spend a lot of time comparing the list to another list. $20 entry to play a million machines. 

Georgia Pinball Museum

georgia pinball museum

Looks like the Georgia Pinball Museum is run by the Vertigo Pinball folks, which is also located in Blue Ridge. This playable museum is open Monday - Sunday, which, if I’ve done my math right, is every day of the week. And it’s next to a Bigfoot museum!!

Glitch’s Arcade (Sherman, TX)

glitch's arcade

Glitch’s Arcade is a new (?) addition to Sherman, TX. It has a door, it has walls, and it has pinball. But does it have you? 

Pour Vida Tortillas & Taps (Fullerton, CA)

pour vida tortillas and taps

Pour Vida, a taco shop in luscious Fullerton, Orange County, California (home of Social Distortion, No Doubt, Adolescents, and more) looks like a fun place to play. You might even hear one of those bands on the radio while eating there.


cityfair portland

I’m not an expert, but this seems to be a special event (music, rides, performances, etc.) near Naito Parkway in Portland, Oregon. It’s like a pop-up pinball place, operated by QuarterWorld. Seems fun to check out while it lasts! I think it goes until June 11.

The Other Side

the other side kearney ne

The Other Side is a music venue in Kearney, Nebraska. Music venues can be interesting places to play pinball. Sometimes you can’t hear the machine -- such as when a band is playing -- but in a way that can be ok. You can ride the rhythm of the live band and get into a new groove while the band wails away. I have produced some high scores while playing pinball at music venues. What bands were playing while this occurred? I have no idea.

“See you” next time!