Past Times Arcade

419 N State St

Girard, OH 44420

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June 12, 2024

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Super Massive Collection

About Past Times Arcade

Step into the captivating time warp that is Past Times Arcade. A veritable treasure trove of nostalgia and fun, this retro-inspired gaming haven harbors an astonishing collection of over 300 pinball machines and 150 classic arcade games. As if plucked from the dazzling decades of arcade glory, every game, spanning nearly a hundred years of production, is a beautiful memento of gaming heritage.

Whether you’re yearning for the clinking and clanging of the electro-mechanical pinball era or hungering for the high-speed thrill of today's latest releases, Past Times Arcade caters to all. Maintained impeccably and in pristine working order, these machines offer an undiluted, authentic gaming experience

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