8 Incredible Places to Play Pinball in New York City (and Brooklyn)

8 Incredible Places to Play Pinball in New York City (and Brooklyn)
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8 Incredible Places to Play Pinball in New York City (and Brooklyn)
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8 Incredible Places to Play Pinball in New York City (and Brooklyn)
Published on
November 23, 2022
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March 27, 2024
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New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Home to iconic landmarks such as Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park, there’s something for everyone in NYC. Whether you’re looking to soak up some history and culture or enjoy a night on the town, New York City has it all.  

And if you're a fan of pinball and arcade games, then NYC should definitely be on your bucket list (particularly the borough of Brooklyn). There are tons of great places to play your favorite games, and we've put together a list of the most incredible pinball places for you. So check it out, and start planning your trip today!

Note: game counts are accurate as of publishing. Check links for up-to-date data.

SingleCut Beersmiths QNS (Queens)

Why You Should Play at SingleCut Beersmiths QNS

Craft beer and pinball go together like peanut butter and jelly. So it's no surprise that we'd put the SingleCut QNS taproom high on our lists. Not only do they make consistently good beer, but they now offer a selection of pinball machines in the back that you can bang on while sipping brews. Games include a mix of picks from classics like Tales of the Arabian Nights to new releases like Stern's JAWS. According to reviews on Pinball Map, games appear to be well maintained. They also offer the occasional IFPA certified tournament. Besides pinball, this taproom also has a nice patio, live music, vinyl records, and a lot more to enjoy.

SingleCut Beersmiths QNS Address

19-33 37th St.

Queens, NY 11105

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Jackbar (Brooklyn)

jackbar brooklyn arcade bar pinball machines

Why You Should Play at Jackbar

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Jackbar is a hidden gem for any fan of pinball. This unpretentious dive bar offers a great array of new and classic pinball machines from recent releases from Stern and Jersey Jack to classic tables like Fish Tales from Williams. Along with their diverse selection of machines, Jackbar also has a large assortment of beers on tap and other alcoholic drinks that act as a perfect lubricant for flippin' some silverball. Whether you're looking for somewhere to chill out or seek a good old-fashioned friendly competition, Jackbar provides it all in relaxed surrounding free of non-pinball distractions perfect to keep you flipping all night.

Jackbar Address

143 Havemeyer St

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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The Bumper Factory (Manhattan)

the bumper factory pinball location nyc

Why You Should Play at The Bumper Factory

The Bumper Factory in the heart of New York City is a fantastic place to visit. Housed inside a Martial Arts center near Central Park, The Bumper Factory is the perfect spot for an afternoon of retro fun! The space can be rented out for parties and events, yet it's also open to the public on the weekends. Without food or alcohol it is the perfect place to bring kids and families since all pinball games are set to free play. The only cost is a time-based admittance fee, but then you're all set for unlimited playtime! If ever you find yourself around The Big Apple, The Bumper Factory will bring back childhood memories as you immerse yourself in this classic arcade environment. Whether it's playing a couple rounds or having a party with friends and family, The Bumper Factory is definitely worth checking out when visiting New York City.

The Bumper Factory Address

103 W 73rd St

New York, NY 10023

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Barcade Brooklyn

barcade brooklyn arcade and pinball bar

Why You Should Play at Barcade Brooklyn

Barcade in Brooklyn is the perfect spot for a night of nostalgic fun. This small chain was the first establishment to combine classic arcade games with craft beer and cocktails, offering visitors the chance to relive their youth while enjoying modern adult beverages. Barcade Brooklyn boasts an impressive lineup of 12 pinball machines, plus a collection of classic retro video games for visitors to enjoy. All of these come with a 21+ only rule, making Barcade an exciting adults-only destination. Beer enthusiasts will love Barcade's focus on craft brews as well as inventive cocktails. If you get hungry while you're there, Barcade has small snacks available or you can order delivery from nearby local restaurants. Barcade Brooklyn is a unique experience that combines the best of old-school gaming with modern libations!

Barcade Brooklyn Address

388 Union Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Gebhard's Beer Culture (Manhattan)

gebhard's beer culture new york city pinball

Why You Should Play at Gebhard's Beer Culture

Like many other pinball bars and arcades mentioned on this NYC roundup list, Gebhard's Beer Culture combines craft beer and pinball for a delicious and fun combination. Gebhard's has a good sized collection for pinball in NYC with 9 games as of publishing that appear to be well maintained according to Pinball Map comments. The games are a mix of old and new, including what one user described as the "best playing/looking Congo I've ever seen", and the recently released Pulp Fiction pinball machine from Chicago Gaming.

Barcade Brooklyn Address

228 W 72nd St.

New York, NY 10023

Pinball Machines:


Randolph Beer Dumbo (Brooklyn)

randolph beer dumbo brooklyn pinball arcade brewery

Why You Should Play at Randolph Beer Dumbo

Randolph Beer in Brooklyn is a one-of-a-kind spot to experience all the best of modern Brooklyn. Located in the heart of Brooklyn's trendy Dumbo neighborhood, Randolph Beer offers an upscale setting combined with a classic brewpub environment. You can grab a pint of craft beer and sit back to enjoy some classic pinball machines, pulled from Randolph Beer's small yet unique collection which includes both modern and classic machines. To ramp up the fun even further Randolph Beer also has classic arcade games, skee ball, shuffleboard, foosball, and Belgian Feather bowling courts. The tap selection at Randolph Beer is top notch with an ever-changing list of house-produced craft beers while their menu features favorites like shareable appetizers, burgers and sandwiches made fresh to order. For real convenience Randolph Beer also has a self-pour system where you simply swipe your NFC card at the tap and pay by the ounce.

Randolph Beer Dumbo Address

82 Prospect St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Buttermilk Bar (Brooklyn)

the pinball machines at buttermilk bar in brooklyn nyc

Why You Should Play at Buttermilk Bar

Brooklyn’s Buttermilk Bar is the definition of a neighborhood dive bar, but it sure packs a lot of entertaining possibilities. Whether you’re into pinball machines, air hockey, pool or darts, this place has all of that and more. Plus the beer prices are incredibly cheap for New York City standards so there’s always something to appreciate about this amazing spot! It’s great for a few hours of fun but you can hang out here all day if that’s what you choose to do. The charm of this place is undeniable; the friendly relaxed atmosphere invites everyone in and makes Buttermilk Bar one of those spots that you can't miss out on while in Brooklyn! So gather up your friends, pick up some beers from the bar and let the fun begin at Buttermilk Bar.

Buttermilk Address

577 5th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Rullo's (Brooklyn)

rullos brooklyn pinball bar where to play pinball nyc

Why You Should Play at Rullo's

Rullo's in Brooklyn NYC is a cocktail and pinball bar that brings together a fun and low-key atmosphere. Formerly the home of Sidecar, Rullo's features six pinball machines on location that are all known to be well-maintained. Rullo's has a diverse collection of pinball tables; their lineup includes games from many different eras, including the hard-to-find Big Lebowski game. Rullo's staff is always friendly and helpful. They don't have food on-site but if you get lucky it might be nice enough to sit outside in their small backyard patio. Inside Rullo's, you'll find plenty of classic booth seating perfect for larger groups as well as a large bar top with plenty of space for drinks and snacks. Whether you're a pinball enthusiast or just looking for a cozy spot to hang out in Brooklyn, Rullo's is definitely worth checking out!

Rullo's Address

560 5th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Pinball Machines:


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