The Ultimate Roundup of Upcoming Pinball Machines & Rumors [Updated 6.6.24]

The Ultimate Roundup of Upcoming Pinball Machines & Rumors [Updated 6.6.24]
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The Ultimate Roundup of Upcoming Pinball Machines & Rumors [Updated 6.6.24]
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The Ultimate Roundup of Upcoming Pinball Machines & Rumors [Updated 6.6.24]
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August 7, 2022
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June 6, 2024
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There's never been a more thrilling time to be a pinball enthusiast! With numerous big names in the industry announcing new pinball machines slated a 2024 release and a bunch of tantalizing rumors, we at Kineticist are on the hunt for the latest pinball machine news, rumors, and gossip. We're combing through websites, digital content, and industry sources to gather the most compelling pinball machine rumors and confirmed upcoming releases for you. So far, we've verified information on forthcoming machines and top rumors from industry giants like Stern, Jersey Jack, American Pinball, Spooky Pinball, Chicago Gaming Company, Haggis Pinball, The Pinball Brothers, Dutch Pinball, Barrels of Fun Pinball, Pedretti Gaming, and more. Stay tuned for updates, as we'll continually add new details about upcoming pinball machines from Stern, Jersey Jack, and others as they become available!

Next Stern Pinball Machine Rumors

Look at those IP easter eggs!

What is the next Stern Pinball release?

Stern has been churning out games new and old since moving into their new expanded headquarters in 2023. Mostly recovered from Covid-era production challenges, Stern has returned to a regular cornerstone release schedule in 2024 (at least 3 major releases for the year, plus or minus a few smaller release runs). Stern is also planning on doing re-runs of older titles from their library, including DMD era games.

Contending titles according to the rumor mill are John Wick, Pokemon, Journey, Dungeons & Dragons and a re-run (or perhaps an entirely new version) of Metallica.

As of 1/2/2024, Jaws has been confirmed as the next Stern Pinball release.

And as of 5/3/2024, John Wick has been confirmed as the next Stern Pinball release.

Current Production Stern Pinball Machines

Here's what's on the line and Stern's current production list, for refreshers.

Next Stern Pinball Machine Rumors

In order to be a rumored game, it must be mentioned by a reputable source, hinted at by the company through official channels or interviews or considered a consensus pick by the larger pinball community.

Next Jersey Jack Pinball Machine Rumors

Jersey Jack is arguably the number 2 pinball manufacturer in the United States, with a focus on high-end pinball machines for the collector audience. They don't release games nearly as often as Stern does, however they seem to be increasing their rate of production, getting 2 full releases completed within 2023.

They are currently working on getting their latest release, Elton John, out the door. After that, it's anyone's guess with names like The Matrix, Top Gun, and Harry Potter on everyone's minds.

Current Production Jersey Jack Pinball Machines

Next Jersey Jack Pinball Rumors

Next American Pinball Rumors

american pinball upcoming pinball machines and rumors

American Pinball is currently planning for two new game releases a year. They aren't up to that level yet in 2023, but hope to be there in 2024. Like Jersey Jack, American Pinball rumors are few and far between.

CEO David Fix has discussed a mix of unlicensed original themes and licensed titles in development, including an upcoming original Barry Oursler game (Barry O's Barbecue Challenge), what sounds like White Water 2, and a couple of additional licensed games. Cuphead, He-Man, and the Pinball Expo homebrew competition award winner have all been tied to the company at various times. Fix also recently confirmed that there should be two new games coming later in 2024.

As of 3.8, Barry O's Barbecue Challenge has been confirmed as the next American Pinball machine.

Current American Pinball Machines

Rumored American Pinball Machines

  • White Water 2
  • Untitled homebrew competition winner
  • Cuphead
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Next Spooky Pinball Rumors

next spooky pinball machine rumors

Spooky Pinball recently confirmed the launch of two new games in early December 2023, Looney Tunes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which are currently in production. Rumors on the next Spooky game have already started, including IPs like Evil Dead.

Current Spooky Pinball Machines

Rumored Spooky Pinball Machines

Next Chicago Gaming Company Pinball Rumors

chicago gaming company pinball machine rumors

Chicago Gaming Co. is currently working on shipping their newest game, Pulp Fiction (which is a team-up with Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix). Chicago Gaming may do another run(s) of their remake titles, like Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars. Rumors have also started to pick up about Chicago Gaming producing a Twilight Zone remake.

Current Chicago Gaming Company Pinball Machines

  • Cactus Canyon Remake
  • Attack from Mars Remake
  • Medieval Madness Remake
  • Pulp Fiction

Rumored Chicago Gaming Company Pinball Machines

  • Big Bang Bang Bar Remake
  • Twilight Zone
  • TBD licensed game

Next Pinball Brothers Machine Rumors

The Pinball Brothers accomplished magic by getting their Alien machines out the door and catching up with customer orders just for that title. They since released Queen, and recently announced ABBA.

Currently partnered with Pedretti Gaming through Euro Pinball Corp.

Current Pinball Brothers Pinball Machines

Rumored Pinball Brothers Pinball Machines

  • N/A

Next Haggis Pinball Machine Rumors

Australia's Haggis Pinball is hard at work getting Fathom Revisited machines out the door and into customers homes and businesses. According to a recently shared update, after Fathom Revisited is complete, they'll do another run of their first game, Celts.

After that, they'll move on to the next title in their remake series (5 games from the Fathom era), Centaur, which was announced earlier in 2023.

Current Haggis Pinball Machines

  • Fathom Revisited
  • Celts
  • Centaur

Rumored Haggis Pinball Machines

  • War of the Worlds
  • Medusa
  • Eight Ball Deluxe

Next Dutch Pinball Machine Rumors

Dutch Pinball has pulled off quite the turnaround by finally catching up to demand for their hit machine, The Big Lebowski.

Dutch Pinball has been strongly linked to the oft-requested Back to the Future license, but there has been no official confirmation of it. Dutch Pinball did recently announce the formation of a sister-company called DPX that will be focused on producing rare machines for collectors, such as Alice in Wonderland and Magic Girl.

Note: Alice in Wonderland has been confirmed to be the first machine from the DPX sub-brand. (6.5.24)

Current Dutch Pinball Machines

Rumored Dutch Pinball Machines

  • Back to the Future
  • Alice in Wonderland (confirmed 6.5.24)
  • Daft Punk
  • Magic Girl
  • RAZA
  • Kingpin
  • Big Bang Bar

Next Barrels of Fun Pinball Pinball Machine Rumors

The company formerly known as "Mystery Pinball Company" is now officially Barrels of Fun. The Houston-based startup is currently working on getting their first game, Labyrinth, out the door and into customers hands. According to company CEO David Van Es, the company has 3 new game licenses locked in with a few additional licenses in various stages of negotiation.

Current Barrels of Fun Pinball Machines

Rumored Barrels of Fun Pinball Machines

Next Multimorphic Pinball Machine Rumors

Multimorphic is known for its unique take on Pinball machine production with its P3 gaming platform. Multimorphic began life in 2009 as a hobbyist control system that would allow pinball fans the ability to run custom code on existing machines. The popularity of this control board called the P-ROC, would eventually enable founder Gerry Stellenberg the ability to start producing full games starting in 2012, with its first production run completed in 2017.

Multimorphic is a much harder company to track for a list like this. They don't do a ton of licensed theme work (Weird Al being a notable exception), and a lot of their recent "releases" haven't been releases of their own, but rather releases by third-party developers like For Amusement Only Games. That said, occasionally we'll hear a thing or two about an upcoming game from Multimorphic, and when that happens we'll be sure to add a note here.

As of 2.19.24, Multimorphic has confirmed The Princess Bride as their next game release, and first full module release since 2023's Final Resistance.

Current Multimorphic Pinball Machines

Note: full game modules only.

  • Final Resistance
  • Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity
  • Heist
  • Cosmic Cart Racing
  • Lexy Lightspeed - Escape from Earth
  • Cannon Lagoon
  • Drained
  • Princess Bride (confirmed 2.19.24)

Rumored Multimorphic Pinball Machines

  • N/A

Other Manufacturers:

These are smaller manufacturers that we've heard of (or confirmed) their upcoming games.

Pedretti Gaming

Part of Euro Pinball Corp. alongside Pinball Brothers.

  • FunHouse Remake (confirmed 5.14.24)

TiltBob Pinball

  • Road Trip
  • Little Shop of Horrors


  • Blues Brothers (confirmed 4.29)

A note on sources: Most rumors referenced on this page come from various industry and hobby podcasts, news sites, forum threads or social media discussions. For a peek behind where we get our pinball content, see our list of the Best Pinball Podcasts, Best Pinball Websites, and the Best Pinball Communities Online.