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Capersville is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1966.Concept by Ted Zale, Jerry Kelley. Design by Ted Zale. Mechanics by Ted Zale. Art by Jerry Kelley. Animation by Ted Zale.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Capersville Design Team

Ted Zale, Jerry Kelley
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Capersville Rules

Quickie Version:

Shoot the red bumper to close the flippers, then UTAD while avoiding the green bumpers as best you can.

Go-to Flipper:

Bias Left

Risk Index:

Very High except for the open gate


Get the ball in either saucer, if empty, otherwise get it into the center lane.

Full Rules:

The colored mushroom bumpers each play a different role here. The red one zips the flippers together, preventing center drains. The blue one opens the gate at the left for access to the chute there. The white one advances a ball in the 4-stage “Deep 4 Caper” lane on the right side if one is there, or releases any balls locked in the saucers. Lastly, the three green bumpers reopen the zipped flippers and advance the left chute “zapper” value. This is one of the first multiball games. Get a ball in either top saucer to lock it provided there are no balls in the right chute. Release the ball(s) by shooting the white bumper. Balls can be re-locked and re-released during multiball. You can’t shoot the ball into the left chute to collect its value; it goes in mainly from slingshot kicks. Both outlanes advance the left chute value, shown on the backglass via the triangle (100 points), X (300) and square (500) icons. The right chute will have the gate to enter it open when there are no balls in it or locked. Once a ball enters the chute, the gate closes. Balls are advanced in 4 steps down the chute by hitting the white bumper; once the ball gets to the bottom, it’s returned to the shooter lane for a fresh plunge. Both locks and Deep 4 chute progress carry over from both ball to ball and game to game, so stealing locks and progress is in play here.

via Bob's Guide

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