Bally Manufacturing Co.

Bally Manufacturing Co.

In 1932, Raymond Moloney founded the Bally Manufacturing Company. Back then, the company emerged from its parent corporation, Lion Manufacturing. The organization’s name came from its first game, originally named the “Ballyhoo.” The company was renamed Bally Entertainment. It started in the pinball and slot machine business and moved to casinos, health clubs, and video games. By 1968, Midway Manufacturing Co., a competitor in the pinball game market, acquired Bally Manufacturing. Afterward, in 1996, Hilton Hotels bought Bally Entertainment, nevertheless kept the name. In the same year, Alliance Gaming purchased Bally’s gaming division. Later on, Scientific Games bought the company from Alliance. The prior’s name is now Light & Wonder. It still uses Bally Technologies as a secondary manufacturer for video slot machines and other casino-related machines.

About Bally Manufacturing Co.

About Bally Manufacturing Co.

Back then, Bally Manufacturing Co. was well-known in the entertainment industry. Not only did it sell recreational items like slot machines, but it also invested in other productions like coffee machines.

The Chicago-based company became a noteworthy name in pinball production in the 1930s. To stay afloat during World War II, Bally produced tailored gun sights for B-52 bombers, detonator fuses, and oxygen regulators for fighter pilots.

At the time, pinball production ceased. Following the war, Bally’s pinball business was restored after purchasing Midway Manufacturing between the 1950s and 70s.

By the 1980s, the pinball production company became Bally’s primary source of income. 1988 saw the decline of pinball manufacturing from Bally.

After being acquired by Williams Manufacturing Company, Bally’s pinball-making business halted. In 1999, Williams stopped producing the machines. 

Nowadays, they’re sold on online sites or in specialized pinball shops.

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