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Comet is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1985. Design by Barry Oursler. Art by Python Anghelo. Code by Bill Pfutzenreuter.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Comet Rules

Quickie Version:

Shoot left (and right if needed) standup target banks to light center ramp. Shoot center ramp when lit; shoot right jump ramp when ball feeds left flipper through return lane.

Go-to Flipper:

Mild bias left

Risk Index:

Medium-High; the center ramp is safe; the left ramp to the top risks bad feeds out of the bumpers


Get a top lane. Too weak a plunge falls to the right flipper, too hard goes around the corkscrew to the left flipper.

Full Rules:

Left “duck” standup 4-bank lights top left corkscrew for bonus collect. Right “rabbit” bank lights saucer above it for bonus collect. Bonus goes up to 63K on each side. Bonus multiplier is raised by hitting the “dunk the dummy” drop target, then hitting the standup target behind it. Both shots are risky. Maximum bonus multiplier is 5X; it applies to both rabbit and duck bonuses, so each can be worth up to 315K or 630K total. Completing both target banks lights the center ramp for increased values on a timer: 30K, 50K, 100K, 100K. On some Comets you only need to finish the duck bank to light the center ramp, so go for that one first. If you finish all four increased values, the value resets to 10K. If you make at least one increased value shot, then fail to make the next one before the flashing timer runs out, the value drops back to the prior value to let you try again. You can milk the sequence for a while this way by making 2 or 3 shots, letting the value drop back down, then making more level 1, 2 or 3 shots. Completing the 1-9-8-6 top lanes activates a timed playfield multiplier: 2X on ball 1, 3X on ball 2, 5X on ball 3. That makes the lit jump ramp top circle worth 1M while the timer is on during ball 3. Listen for the “million” callout encouraging you to make the shot. Since you only get one 1-9-8-6 number per successful plunge, you’ll need to either have the ball pop back up through a lane from the bumpers or else make the left corkscrew shot to light the playfield multiplier during a 3-ball game. The three jump ramp hole values when lit are 200K top, 50K middle and 20K bottom, so even the second jump ramp hole is worthwhile at 5X; that’s 250K.

via Bob's Guide

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