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Honey is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1972. Concept by Christian Marche. Design by Christian Marche. Mechanics by Christian Marche. Art by Christian Marche. Animation by Christian Marche.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Honey Design Team

Christian Marche
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Honey Rules

Quickie Version:

Center saucer all day.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

Very High unless post is up, then High; Medium-High with both the post up and the right gate lit (there’s a down post button right above the post)


Hit the top red rollover button, then get the center lane.

Full Rules:

Honey is a lot like Star Action: central pocket, rollover buttons, center post and right gate. Instead of a diamond-shaped foursome of bumpers, it has a 5-cluster like Swinger. The central hole value starts at 1000 and is raised by either shooting it or scoring the top center lane to 3K, 5K and 10K. You need to knock down the drop target in front of it for access to the hole. Since that 10K value is easily the biggest points on the game, the best strategy is to get the value up to that and keep shooting it. If you get the center post up and the ball resting between it and a flipper, try to microflip until the ball rolls up enough to shoot the central pocket. When you can’t get the center, go for the rollovers and A-B. Hitting both the A and B standup targets near the top opens the ball save gate at the bottom right. If you get a ball out the gate, try to get a different top lane than the one you first plunged, e.g. light a bumper. Making the 1-2-3-4-5 rollover buttons on either side raises the value of the saucer near them; 500-1000-3000. If your flip must go up top rather than at the saucer, try to go over these. Don’t shoot at the saucers until they’re worth 3000; even then, up top is safer if you’re not accurate on your central pocket shots. The rollover button you need next will be lit. They’re synchronized – scoring one on either side advances both sides. Rollovers reset each ball. The side slingshots raise the center post; the rollover button right above the post lowers it, so balls coming almost straight down the middle will drain despite your post when it gets lowered. If extra balls are on, you get them by completing the 1-5 rollovers three times, then shooting the saucer by them. Only one saucer is lit at a time, alternating on 10-point switches. Saucer value stays at 5K for your extra ball, then resets at the end of that ball. You cannot earn an extra ball during one.

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