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NBA Fastbreak

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Compete as your favorite 1990s NBA team in this uniquely scoring offering from Bally pinball. 

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NBA Fastbreak is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1997. Concept by George Gomez. Design by George Gomez. Mechanics by Tom Kopera. Art by Kevin O'Connor. Code by Tom Uban. Sound by Kevin Quinn. Music by Kevin Quinn. Callouts by Tim Kitzrow.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Solid State
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NBA Fastbreak Design Team

George Gomez
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NBA Fastbreak Rules

How to Play NBA Fastbreak

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  • The six objectives listed in the center of the table are your priority. Completing all of them - which is very doable - begins the highly lucrative Trophy Multiball.
  • Stadium Goodies - on the left saucer - are worth a considerable number of points and should be picked up whenever lit. The first mode in particular - Pizza Power Shots - is likely to be worth nearly 20 points and doesn’t put the ball at risk whatsoever.
  • Power Hoops modes - started by bumper hits - are also valuable but not easy to start, given the unpredictability of the bumpers. Make sure to get some bumper action going, as these are usually the sole missing objective towards Trophy.
  • When “In The Paint,” pass the ball around between the saucers, and shoot the ball when unblocked to try and score from a saucer you haven’t already shot from. Shooting once from each saucer starts a multiball, called Around the World.
  • Spelling S-H-O-O-T starts another multiball, called Shoot Around.some text
    • All multiballs, and many modes, start immediately and without warning. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden some big scoring feature just starts up.
  • Modes do not stack with one another, they simply pause while you play whatever new mode you just started.
  • Look at the playfield inserts if you’re missing combo shots - they indicate which combos you need for the required objective.some text
    • You should always be aiming after objectives which you haven’t yet completed, as opposed to replaying modes you’ve found success in.
    • Don’t worry about going after the Combo Shots or Field Goals unless they’re the only thing you need for Trophy - you’re likely to complete them just as you play out everything else.
  • If you manage to win Trophy Multiball, you’ll be awarded a Championship Ring which is worth 100 points per competition rules.

NBA Fastbreak Gameplay Video

Gameplay Discussion & History

Mods and Toppers

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