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Sharpshooter is a pinball machine manufactured by Game Plan Inc. in 1979. Design by Ed Cebula, Joe Joos Jr., Roger Sharpe. Mechanics by Joe Joos Jr.. Art by George Molentin.
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Game Plan Inc.
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Solid State
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Sharpshooter Rules

Quickie Version:

Shoot the saucer four times, once to the light spinner, the others to maximize your bonus multiplier. Then shoot targets all day from the right flipper, spinner from the left.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

High; see key feeds

Full Rules:

There are three good ways to score here: the 50K lane, bonus and the spinner. We’ll do bonus first. One way to earn base bonus is the SHOOTER drop target bank. Second is the S-H-A-R-P lanes the first time you get each letter each set. Third, the SHARP lanes each light a star rollover in the top horseshoe for bonus advances. Base bonus goes up to 29K. Bonus multiplier is raised by completing SHARP, SHOOTER or the saucer shot. Bonus multiplier goes up to 5X for 145k total. Bonus multiplier, saucer value and lit lanes and rollovers all carry over to future balls; only the drop targets reset. Lighting 2X bonus lights the spinner on the right, your next point source. Once lit, it stays on the rest of the game. Enjoy the “galloping” sound it makes, unlike typical spinners. The highest value shot on the game is the always-lit 50K lane on the left next to the “R” lane. It’s possible, though difficult, to shoot it from the right flipper via going up the 1000 lane below it. This will often get you two 50Ks if you make the shot since the ball often comes right back down the way it went up. The two lower right bumpers can quick-drain you down the middle if you’re not alert. A good safety play that looks amateurish but isn’t is to simply hold the right flipper up when the ball is in the bumpers. Strategy is to get your bonus multiplier up and spinner lit a.s.a.p., then spinner all day from the left flipper and SHOOTER drop targets all day from the right, plus that 50K shot if you can make it. Key feeds: balls coming down the 1000 lane left of the drop targets and balls that fall back down after not going all the way to the top on spinner shots.

via Bob's Guide

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