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Six Million Dollar Man

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Six Million Dollar Man is a pinball machine manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1977. Design by Greg Kmiec. Art by Dave Christensen.
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Bally Manufacturing Co.
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Solid State
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Six Million Dollar Man Design Team

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Six Million Dollar Man Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD, unless you have just one of the three lower “0” standup targets left for completing the 5-0-0-0-0 set, in which case shoot it for 50K.

Go-to Flipper:

Mild bias Right

Risk Index:



Drop the ball into the center saucer to advance towards bonus multipliers and raise the center post. This is not guaranteed: the ball can go around the saucer without falling in. If you just need one of the two top lanes to finish “50000,” aim for that.

Full Rules:

Bonus in $6MDM goes up to a base of 29,000 and a multiplier of 5X for 145K total. Shots falling into the top saucer advance your bonus multiplier: the first two shots just give points, 3K then 5K; the next three shots give 2x, 3X, then 5X; any further shots award 10K. Each saucer shot also awards a bonus advance. You get 50,000 points for completing the five numbers in “50000.” The “5” and the first “0” come from the two top lanes to the sides of the center saucer; the other three come from standup targets on the playfield sides. The game also awards you 5 bonus advances and opens the lower right return gate, so it’s very worthwhile to finish it. The center post can also be raised by shooting the center standup target; it’s riskier than going up top, though, so I don’t recommend it. Completing the drop target bank lights the spinners for 1000 per spin instead of 10 points. I wouldn’t bother going for the drops unless you just need one to finish. Additional drop target sets award EBs and specials, if enabled. This game is notorious for short ball times; it’s all about end of ball bonus and happening to get a 50,000 set.

via Bob's Guide

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