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Sorcerer is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1985. Design by Mark Ritchie. Art by Pam Erickson. Code by Ed Suchocki, Dave Rzepka.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Sorcerer Rules

Quickie Version:

Multiball lock shot until you start multiball and have your playfield multiplier at 5X. After that, UTAD except when spinners are lit, then shoot the spinners.

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I used to play this at Station Break in Penn Station when passing through New York en route to other cities on the east coast. They never had one at the arcades near me, so I made the most of it; one quarter usually lasted until my train connection was due. Sorcerer is seriously all about multiball. It just takes two left ramp shots to start it, in theory. In practice, some Sorcerer lock saucers are flaky and the ball can skip through the lock and go out the gate below it. Be prepared if you’re playing one of those. During multiball, playfield scoring is doubled; shoot the lock ramp again to increase your playfield multiplier from 2X to 3X, again for 5X. Once your multiplier is maxed, UTAD. If at some point you complete the letters in S-O-R-C-E-R-O-R, which lights the spinners for 2500 per spin, rip them when in multiball! At 5X, that’s 12.5K per spin. Locks can be stolen, and often are; keep that in mind. Bonus goes up to 50K, earned by lanes and targets. Bonus multiplier starts at 1X and goes to 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X as you finish sets of top A-B-C-D lanes. Maximum bonus is 400K. Completing the upper right 3-bank lights a return lane for three bonus advances, scores the lit point value, and awards hold bonus if lit. Don’t bother shooting at the Sorcerer letters in single ball play; they’re drain risks. If you need any to light your spinners, wait until you’re in multiball to deal with it. Even then, I wouldn’t bother unless you just need one or two. A center post is standard but is usually removed or de-rubbered for competition.

via Bob's Guide

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