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Stardust is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1971. Design by Norm Clark. Art by Christian Marche.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Stardust Rules

Quickie Version:

Shoot a standup target near the center saucer to raise the center post, then UTAD. Whenever the wheel arrow is on a collect bonus, double or triple bonus, shoot it.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:

Very High


Make the top saucer to collect the wheel value after hitting the top slingshots on each side of it as many times as possible.

Full Rules:

Bonus goes up to 10K and is advanced by the lower yellow stand-up targets and the upper slingshots above the flipper and beside the top saucer. Bonus is only awarded by the center saucer: when the spinner under the playfield is on double bonus, that’s what you score for the saucer; likewise for triple bonus. There is no end-of-ball bonus! There are three gates on the game: left, right and bottom. All three are opened by shots to the center saucer when the arrow is on their respective positions. Balls through the right outlane score 5K and are returned to the plunger when the bottom gate is open. Balls through the right side lane score 5K and exit through the right gate to the plunger lane when the right gate is open. The left gate is positioned sideways at the base of the slingshot … you don’t want it open! Balls through it may drain out the left. Both the right and bottom gates are worth scoring when possible due to those 5K values, big on this game. There is also a center post, raised by either of those two yellow standup targets next to the center saucer. Small rollover buttons to the left and right of the wheel lower the center post. When shooting to raise the post, try to hit the up post targets dead center. If you must miss, miss to the inside; hitting the outer edges of the up post targets can rebound to a side drain. The saucer value advances one step clockwise around the circle each time you hit an advance bonus switch. Bonus is collected by saucer shots at base value by two positions, double and triple by one position each. Both the top and center saucers score the wheel value. Bonus and multipliers reset; hold bonus only holds the base, not the multiplier. The yellow stand-up targets at the top left and right light the yellow and green bumpers respectively. Balls going through the middle left chute do not always fall into the left outlane below; there is (should be) a metal pin below the chute that sometimes deflects balls falling through it out into the center of the playfield. Strategy is to build up your bonus and collect it with a center shot when lit for triple or double bonus, then rebuild the bonus. Balls shot towards the center saucer frequently zip through without falling into it. Balls falling towards it from above don’t always settle into it, either.

via Bob's Guide

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