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Superman is a pinball machine manufactured by Atari Incorporated in 1979. Design by Steve Ritchie. Art by George Opperman. Code by Eugene Jarvis. Sound by Eugene Jarvis.
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Atari Incorporated
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Solid State
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Superman Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD via the spinners.

Go-to Flipper:

Mild bias Right

Risk Index:

High; spinners are safest; watch where rebounds off the center drop targets go from both flippers, choose the safer one to shoot with for each; see Key Feeds, too


The #4 lane at the top.

Full Rules:

The biggest points on the game is for spelling Superman – 30K or 50K depending on settings. The catch is, three of the letters are return lanes and the other five are somewhat risky-rebound standup targets. While it’s good value, it’s not worth the risk to go for it unless you only need one or two of the five standups. Bonus is earned by all lanes, star rollovers and drop targets; the top lanes give as many advances as the lane number; outlanes give two. Bonus goes up to 29K. To get double bonus, complete lanes 1, 2 and 3 up top; for triple bonus, also get lane 4. Lanes are preserved to the next ball unless you get to triple bonus, after which they reset. As soon as you hit any slingshot, one of the spinners will light for 1000 per spin; which spinner is lit toggles with subsequent slingshot hits. Shots through the left spinner give an extra 5K at the top. The center drop targets, worth 1K plus a bonus advance, will always have one position lit for 5K; which one is lit cycles back and forth on a timer. Try to get each of the targets when lit if you shoot them. The rebounds from the center drop targets often head towards the right outlane, though, so be careful! Completing the five drop targets raises the upper left saucer value from 5K to 10K; a second set advances it to extra ball if enabled. Getting the M-A-N letters lights the star rollover left of the left flipper for extra ball. Key feeds: balls coming down the right spinner and balls kicked out of the top left saucer. For strategy, the spinners are usually safer than the drop targets and the left one when lit with that extra 5K rollover at the top is your best risk-reward bet. If you find the rebounds from the center drops to be not too bad, you can shoot them from the left flipper. I’d stick with the left spinner, even if not lit, from the right flipper, though.

via Bob's Guide

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