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The Amazing Spider-Man

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Spider-Man is a pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. in 1980. Design by Ed Krynski. Art by Gordon Morison.
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D. Gottlieb & Co.
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Solid State
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The Amazing Spider-Man Design Team

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The Amazing Spider-Man Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD to advance base bonus via left orbit or bank shots off right-side drop targets. Shoot any lit advance bonus lane when possible. If you complete the 1-2-3 to light #2 saucer for collect bonus, try to get it. Shatzing the lit return lanes back and forth is an option if you can do it.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:



The “B” lane at the top.

Full Rules:

Spiderman is bonus-heavy. Base bonus is built by lanes and targets; when lit, the A and B lanes give more than one bonus advance. The top A lane lights the right return lane and left outlane for bonus multiplier increases. The top B lane lights the left return lane and right outlane for the same. I try for the B on the skill shot because during normal play, balls go into the A chute on the right side more often than into the B arc on the left, so you have a better chance of getting all lanes lit if you plunge the B. The top center stand-up target gives multiple bonus advances the first time it’s hit, advances your bonus X one level the second time it’s hit and just lights special after that. You also advance the multiplier by hitting the lit drop target in the bank on the right, plus a 10K score value. The lit target moves, so try to hit each of them when they are lit in turn. The other way to advance the multiplier is to complete the drop target 3-bank in the center. Base bonus goes up to 29K, multiplier to 5X for 145K total. Bonus can be collected in the #2 saucer at the top left after you’ve collected all of the 1-2-3 saucers. Wait to collect it until your bonus and multiplier are built up since the collect feature resets. Plunges and shots to the 1-2-3 area do not always land in a saucer; the ball can go around the left of saucer #1. Getting both A and B lights one of the drop targets on the right for an Extra Ball, if enabled. The red star rollover left of the top A lane lights the bumpers. Both return lanes are shatzable to increase your base bonus and also your multiplier when lit. General strategy is UTAD, via the left orbit from the right flipper and bank shots off the right drop targets from the left. If you’re good at shatzing, shatz-all-day is also a workable strategy. Once your bonus is maxed out, though, try to finish 1-2-3 and collect your bonus in the #2 saucer.

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