About Ed Krynski

From the rhythmic clinking of coins to the exhilarating sound of a ball bouncing off bumpers, the world of pinball was forever changed by the genius mind of Ed Krynski. Born on September 12, 1927, and with a nearly two-decade career, Krynski became a beacon of innovation for the world of pinball gaming. He wasn't just a game designer; he was a game-changer.

Between 1965 and 1984, he served as the driving force behind D. Gottlieb & Co, where he breathed life into over 200 games. Krynski wasn't content with just designing games. He pioneered revolutionary features that are now standard, from the intricate laneways leading to the flipper to the innovative carousel targets and vari-targets. And who could forget the groundbreaking solid-state pinball machine with its speaker in the backbox?

His masterpieces include iconic games such as "300", "2001", "4 Square", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "El Dorado City of Gold", and so many more. His debut? The timeless "Hi Straight" from December 1959. And he left a lasting mark with "El Dorado City of Gold" in October 1984.

But it wasn't just pinball enthusiasts captivated by Krynski's magic. Stan Lee, Marvel's legend and co-creator of Spider-Man, proudly owned one of the first "The Amazing Spider-Man" pinball machines. Lee confessed that the game was a magnet for countless colleagues and friends who would drop by his office just for the chance to outscore him on the pinball leaderboard.

Beyond the glitz of the arcade lights, Ed was a hero in a different capacity too, having served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

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