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Warlok is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1982. Design by Mike Kubin. Art by Seamus McLaughlin. Code by Cary Kolker. Sound by Randy Pfeiffer.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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Warlok Rules

Quickie Version:

Left Orbit “Big Shot” all day unless the return from it drains down the middle; in that case, drop targets instead. Top right spinner from the left flipper, but transfer to the right if Big Shot is safe.

Go-to Flipper:


Risk Index:



Get one of the top lanes. There should be a gate right of the “Z” lane; if the gate has been removed, the ball can dribble down without hitting anything on the plunge.

Full Rules:

Shots to the left spinner also score orbit points – 20K, 40K or 70K per shot. That’s the go-to shot here unless the return from it drains down the center, which you should try to find out before it’s your turn or test right away. If it drains, shoot the left and center drop targets from the right flipper instead. Completing any set of drop targets lights the adjacent spinner: left bank the left spinner, top bank the top right one and center drop bank the mid-right side spinner. Spinner points can be significant at 2K per spin. Bonus is earned by hitting the three drop target banks; you get up to 7K for each of the three numbered sets. Once you complete a target bank, the gate on the right lights to collect bonus, which does not reset for the rest of the ball. You do have to re-complete a numbered bank to recollect it’s bonus through the gate, though. Have all three sets done and you can collect all three bonuses with your multiplier. Completing the top X-Y-Z lanes is your bonus multiplier advance up to 5X for maximum of 105K. With the gate active, there’s no limit to how many times you can collect bonus. Bonus and multipliers reset each ball. The return lanes and the upper left stand-up target are each worth 7K and also spot a #3 target from the top bank. It’s pretty easy to get a ball approaching a flipper to deflect up a return lane to score it. Balls also zip fast down the return lanes and transfer easily to the opposite flipper.

via Bob's Guide

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