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World Cup

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World Cup is a pinball machine manufactured by Williams Electronic Games Inc. in 1978. Design by Edward Tomaszewski. Art by Christian Marche. Sound by Randy Pfeiffer.
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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
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Solid State
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World Cup Rules

Quickie Version:

UTAD, preferably up the left side.

Go-to Flipper:

Bias Right

Risk Index:


Full Rules:

One of the first games with kickouts behind the flipper elbows, World Cup requires players to learn ball control without the ability to cradle. Bonus is the primary element here, so we’ll begin there. Bonus is 2000 for each goal up to 18. Goals are scored by shooting the ball into either side saucer or the top lane when these are lit (they light together). To light them, score the four buttons leading towards the saucers. You get a button advance the “ball” slingshot below the S standup advances one button. The left orbit, the top right inverted-J “corner kick” shot and the “super ball” shot at the top right just inside the J all light the goal. The corner kick directly feeds the right saucer to score a goal. The top center lane can also score a goal on the plunge; the light alternates on/off on slingshot hits, e.g. note how it goes on and off as the ball is bouncing back and forth slowly settling down towards going through a top lane. Goal count is carried over from ball to ball. Each goal also advances the value of either the left orbit or the corner kick J-shot from 1K to 4K on the left and 1K to 3K on the right; it starts by advancing the left orbit, then the J, and keeps alternating back and forth until both are at maximum value. Those values are also carried over. Bonus multipliers are earned by spelling S-T-A-R. The top lanes each give one letter at a time, the upper stand-up targets and the flipper kickouts each give one as marked. Multipliers go 2X, 3X and 5X for maximum of 180K. Bonus multiplier is not carried over. The outlanes and the spinner are irrelevant. If you hold the flippers up when the ball comes to them softly, the ball will roll backwards into the kickers. The kickers tend to shoot the ball out in the general direction of the opposite goal saucer, although not over the buttons en route. If the saucer kickouts go back towards the opposite flipper nicely, you can sometimes get the game to “play itself” back and forth with the kickouts. Strategy: Since goals and point values are carried over, building both early is key. Go for the left orbit shot to the top and just keep taking STAR letters and goals as long as you can. The game is really about going up top to build things and using the kickouts to collect needed STAR letters and shoot the goal saucers for you. Don’t shoot at the saucers with the flippers! Never shoot the spinner.

via Bob's Guide

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