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The Boys has been gaining cultural relevance in recent years thanks to the Amazon show, and the pinball community would love to see what a pinball machine could look like.

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The Boys Pinball

The Boys: Why this R-Rated Show Would Make an Amazing Pinball Machine

The Boys is a dark, edgy show that isn't afraid to push boundaries. Based on the comics of the same name, the TV series follows a group of vigilantes who take on corrupt superpowered humans known as "supes." It's wild, over-the-top, and unapologetically R-rated—which is why we think it would make for an amazing pinball machine theme. Here's a look at why The Boys would be perfect for a pinball machine.

The Off-Kilter Humor Would Be Perfectly Captured in a Pinball Machine

One of the things that makes The Boys so great is its off-kilter sense of humor. The show isn't afraid to go for broke and go for the laughs, even if that means getting a little crass or bloody in the process. We think this kind of humor would translate perfectly to a pinball machine. Just imagine all of the outrageous jokes and one-liners that could be included on the playfield. We can already hear Supes spouting catchphrases as the ball whizzes by!

There Would Be Plenty of Great Characters to Include

Another reason we think The Boys would make for a great pinball theme is because there are so many great characters to choose from. In addition to the core group of boys, you've got international supers like Homelander and Queen Maeve, corrupt government officials like Stan Edgar, and plenty of other supporting characters that would make for great targets on the playfield or unique modes to play. Not to mention all of the different animals that pop up throughout the show (we're looking at you, Butcher's dog Terror). With such a deep bench of characters to choose from, there's no shortage of possibilities when it comes to designing a pinball machine based on The Boys.

The World of The Boys Is Perfectly Suited for Pinball Machine Exploration

Last but not least, we think The Boys would make for a great pinball machine because its sprawling world is just begging to be explored in this format. From Vought Tower to Comic-Con and more, there are so many different locations that would make for great pinball environments. Plus, with all of the different conspiracy theories and Easter eggs hidden throughout the show, there's plenty of room for exploration and discovery in a pinball machine based on The Boys. Players would have a blast uncovering all of the secrets hidden in this dark and twisted world.

The bottom line is this: The Boys is a darkly humorous show with an amazing cast of characters set in a world that is ripe for exploration. We believe all of these factors make it the perfect candidate for a pinball machine theme. So what are you waiting for? Somebody needs to make this happen!