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Although Tron was produced by Stern this century, it's a frequent target of Vault rumors.

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The "Tron" franchise, initiated by Disney in 1982 with the groundbreaking film directed by Steven Lisberger, introduced audiences to a unique world inside a computer, long before the digital age came into full swing. The original film tells the story of Kevin Flynn, a software engineer played by Jeff Bridges, who gets digitized and pulled into a computer, where he must navigate a visually stunning digital landscape and combat an oppressive regime. The film is notable for its early use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and its unique art direction, which combined to create a distinct, neon-soaked aesthetic that continues to be instantly recognizable.

Despite a lukewarm response at the box office on its initial release, "Tron" has since been recognized as a cult classic that was significantly ahead of its time, both in its visual effects and its prescient portrayal of a fully immersive digital world. Its ambitious use of CGI was pioneering, paving the way for the ubiquity of such effects in modern cinema. The franchise was revitalized with the sequel "Tron: Legacy" in 2010 and the animated television series "Tron: Uprising" in 2012, introducing a new generation of viewers to the iconic universe of Tron.

Culturally, "Tron" has had a lasting impact on film and beyond. The visual style of the film, with its neon grid landscapes and sleek digital designs, has influenced a variety of media, from other films and TV series to video games and graphic design. The concept of a human being entering a digital world was groundbreaking and foresaw the rise of virtual reality and our society's increasing immersion in digital spaces. Moreover, "Tron" is often referenced in discussions about the evolving relationship between humans and technology. Whether through its memorable light-cycle races, its distinct visual aesthetic, or its exploration of the digital world, the "Tron" franchise continues to be a significant cultural touchstone.