Stern's John Wick Pinball Released; Everything We Know So Far

Stern's John Wick Pinball Released; Everything We Know So Far
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Stern's John Wick Pinball Released; Everything We Know So Far
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Stern's John Wick Pinball Released; Everything We Know So Far
Published on
May 7, 2024
Updated on
May 7, 2024
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Last week, Stern Pinball confirmed the upcoming release of a John Wick pinball machine. We've been waiting to receive more substance before writing a deep dive post on the release, and today, we finally got some! 

John Wick represents a bit of an odd theme choice for Stern, at least judging by recent patterns. While it peaked at #13 on our Hype Index, it doesn't scratch the nostalgia itch for a predominantly male, middle-aged buyer, and is an IP that is probably more violent then a lot of operators and home collectors might otherwise prefer.

Still, though, new pinball is fun, and we're excited to dive into this release with you! 

John Wick Pinball Overview

Who's Who

Pricing and Availability

John Wick pinball will be offered in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition trim levels, typical of Stern releases.

  • John Wick Pro: $6,999
  • John Wick Premium: $9,699
  • John Wick Limited Edition: $12,999

Notable Features

Few of the features that stood out to us on an initial pass. Most of what we're highlighting here are available on the Premium/LE versions only, with similar but not quite as awesome versions of the same feature available in the Pro model (for example, no Deconsecrated physical ball lock).

John Wick Muscle Car Bash Toy

On the Premium/LE the Muscle Car swings open and closed.

Motorized Blood Oath Token

Opens and closes on the Premium/LE, on the Pro it's just a flat plastic. The Prem/LE versions use a model created from a scan of the original movie prop.

Continental Hotel Sculpt

This can be found on all three trim lines.

Weapons Crate

Opens and closes on Premium/LE to reveal hidden shot for collecting weapons. Replaced with standups on the Pro model.

Center Ramp Diverter and Physical Deconsecrated Ball Lock

Physical lock is not present on the Pro model.

Red Circle Club with Drop Target Access

Drop target feature is only available on the Premium/LE.

Multiballs and Wizard Modes Galore

The game features 6 total multiballs plus 2 mini-wizard modes and 1 final wizard mode.

Industry First AI Systems

Not 100% sure if the AI language is marketing speak or if there's something real underneath the hood, but we'll figure that out later. The game will dynamically adjust shot requirements and video clip use in accordance with the player's current game session.

Custom Callouts by Ian McShane

Custom Soundtrack by Charlie Benante (Anthrax/Pantera)

New Stern Insider Connected Integrations

With John Wick, Stern will be rolling out some new Insider Connected features including push notifications that will enable players to take on special John Wick quests and Faction Contracts in order to increase their Assassin rankings.

John Wick Pinball Rules

  • Skill Shots: Plunge into the Weapons Crate for a Skill Shot. Plunge the VIP Entrance of the Red Circle Dance Floor for a Super Skill Shot.
  • Enemies: Spawn enemies on the Red Circle Dance Floor. Enemies block shot arrows. Defeat enemies to build mode and multiball values.
  • Jobs: Shoot the Weapons Crate to light Jobs. Complete Jobs for the 7 Factions to light The Duel.
  • Allies: Make Combos to light Akira, Charon, and Katie. Allies help the player during Jobs.
  • Adversaries: Shoot The Administration to battle Cassian, Viggo, Kirill, Zero, or Ares. Defeat Adversaries to light The Staircase.
  • Excommunicado Multiball: Shoot the ramp targets to light Excommunicado Multiball at the Red Circle.
  • Deconsecrated Multiball: Spell Winston to light Deconsecrated Multiball locks on the Charon ramp.
  • Car Chase Multiball: Bash the Car to light Car Chase Multiball at the left orbit.
  • Gold Coins: Hit the Coin Targets to light Gold shots to build Bonus.
  • Marker Ball Save: Shoot the Marker targets to activate Ball Save.
  • Wick Points: Earn WP and Level Up by defeating Enemies, completing Jobs, and battling Adversaries.

John Wick Teaser & Launch Videos