Venom is the Next Stern Pinball Machine [Updated 7.17.23]

Venom is the Next Stern Pinball Machine [Updated 7.17.23]
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Venom is the Next Stern Pinball Machine [Updated 7.17.23]
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Venom is the Next Stern Pinball Machine [Updated 7.17.23]
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July 11, 2023
Updated on
July 13, 2023
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Venom is up Next from Stern

The open secret has finally been confirmed by Stern on various social media platforms. Venom will be their next cornerstone game release. This won't come as a surprise to most who follow pinball rumors closely, as Venom had been oft-discussed as the next Brian Eddy game, dating back to before last year's Comic-Con appearance by Todd McFarlane and Ozzy Osbourne at the Stern booth. Venom wound up getting bumped by James Bond in the production queue, and here we are.

We don't yet know specific confirmed details about the game, other than Brian Eddy being on design, Zombie Yeti on artwork, and Dwight Sullivan on code. Raymond Davidson is also on the Venom production team.

Venom had been holding down the #3 spot in our Hype Index of the most hyped pinball themes, so demand among pinball enthusiasts is certainly high. Will Brian Eddy and co. deliver? Time will tell! 

Venom Pinball Pricing & Release Details

Looks to be same pricing as the last release, Foo Fighters.

  • Pro: $6,999
  • Premium: $9,699
  • Limited Edition: $12,999

Expect to see some pro models on location in late August / early September (via Knapp)

Characters Featured in the Venom Pinball Teaser Trailer

We see a number of characters featured in the teaser trailer, and while we are no Venom experts, here's what we've been able to ID so far. Are we missing anyone? Got some crazy gameplay theories? Reach out!


Black Suit Spiderman / Doppelganger / Miles Morales


Gwenom / Spider-Gwen

Agent Venom / Flash Thompson



(Confirmed by Dwight Sullivan in chat during Flip N Out with Friends)

Carnage Drones

Red Suit Spiderman?

Thanks to Matt L. for contributing a couple of these and correcting us on Anti-Venom (it's more likely Grendel or another dragon symbiote).

He also provided this interesting take on what the gameplay could look like:

Venom Pinball Gameplay Theories

"I also think this photo shows a red spider suit being taken over by the symbiote, so while we know black suit spiderman is in this, I’m thinking we also may get an appearance from the normal one too.  One of my gameplay theories is that you play as the symbiote and take over various characters to complete the modes, so I’m thinking we see some cool transformation clips when activating these modes." - via Matt L.

Stern's Venom Animated Feature

More Venom Pinball Discussion

More details to come as they are announced.