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Players step into the role of Venom, a parasitic symbiote with the capability to hijack other beings, as they take down the source of their invasive species.

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Venom is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2023. Design by Brian Eddy. Mechanics by Tom Kopera, Kevin Kolodziej. Art by Jeremy Packer (Zombie Yeti). Code by Dwight Sullivan, Raymond Davidson, Corey Stup. Sound by Jerry Thompson. Music by Mark Tremonti. Animation by Paul Chamnankit.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Venom Rules

Venom Pinball – Quick Rules (3M’s and Extra Ball)

Venom Pinball Playfield

Learn the quick rules to Venom Pinball by Stern. Get an idea of the 3M’s (Modes, Multiballs, and Multipliers) as well as how to get extra balls.



  • Selecting your host at the beginning of the ball determines your available mini-modes
  • The lights on the grid in the middle of the playfield shows you your path
  • Complete color-coded mini-modes (yellow, light blue, and white) to collect corresponding lights in the grid. These color-coded mini-modes are each just two shot combos for each color.

Changing your host changes the mini-modes in the grid

Battle Modes

  • Once you reach level 10 through completing mini-modes you qualify the battle mode for your host
  • Beat the villain by making shots to deplete their life bar within the time allotted
  • The higher level you are at the more damage each shot will make to the villain


Carnage Multiball

  • Hit Carnage captive ball enough to knock Carnage back into Ravencroft
  • Start the multiball on the center ramp (Police Station)
  • Knock Carnage back into Ravencroft again to light the Super Jackpot

Mayhem Multiball – 2 to 6 ball multiball

  • Completing mini-modes will light locks
  • Hitting a green arrow shot will lock the ball in either of the 2 stacking ball locks
  • Once 2 balls are locked then the multiball will start
  • Holding the action button will cancel the multiball start allowing you to lock more balls up to 6 total
  • Once started the multiball has multiple stages to complete


Shooting the center ramp enough times will light the Bell Tower target. Hit the lit Bell Tower target to increase the playfield multiplier.

Extra Balls:

Light an extra balls to be collected in Daily Bugle scoop by:

  • Defeating infected at standup targets
  • Mystery award

How to Play Venom

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New to the game

  • Choose Eddie and shoot flashing shots.
  • When the game says “BALL 2 LOCKED”, quickly hold the action button. This will delay the start of Mayhem Multiball till your 3rd lock.
  • During Mayhem Multiball, hit Carnage all the way back and shoot the Police Station (center ramp) to stack Carnage Multiball with it.

Want to beat the game

  • Work on getting 6 Grid lights by shooting flashing shots. Choose a host, get their path of Grid lights. Then choose a new host that is adjacent to your first. Complete the 2nd path too.
  • Get to level 10. Everything in the game adds Experience Points (XP) and therefore levels. The best place to get XP is in any combat.
  • Beat one of the 4 Minor Bosses then beat Grendel then beat Knull!
  • Having trouble during a mode? Hold the action button to use your Spider-Sense and quickly shoot the lit hurry-up shot for big points and mode progress!

Playing for points

  • Shoot Police Station (center ramp) over and over until the Bell Tower target lights. Hit the Bell Tower target to increase your Playfield Multipliers.
  • Each time you make a shot, other shots will light their Web Combo lights. The more combos you shoot, the higher your Shot Multiplier will be for the next shot.
  • Big points can be quickly scored during Rampage (for completing 3 Doppelganger hurry-ups), Toxin Team-Up (for playing both Mayhem and Carnage multiballs and defeating Doppelganger), and Blood Lust (the third Carnage mode).

Venom Gameplay Video

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